Where's the Best Place to Buy a PlayStation Vita?

GodisaGeek: "Tomorrow sees the launch of the PlayStation Vita, and in the grand game of retail one-upmanship there are numerous special offers and bundles available for the PlayStation Vita.

It can be quite daunting when trying to find a good deal, so we decided to make things easy by presenting a list of the best deals that we could find for the PlayStation Vita."

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f7897903141d ago

Isn't it a little late to pre-order?

SandwichHammock3141d ago

If in Canada, I suggest futureshop. Free 4gb card and $20 credit towards a game 29.99 or higher until from now until march 6th.

Happy Gaming!

SaffronCurse3141d ago

Definitely not, still hasn't shipped. Very very Mad.

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