FIFA Vs Pro Evo – Who’s The Champ?

FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer are the undisputed titans of the football game. But which of the popular franchises has the real bragging rights? Sports sim enthusiast Jamie Presland sizes up the long-time rivals…

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Baka-akaB3371d ago

"2012 a poor shadow of its predecessors"

You must be joking ... anyway i stopped right there .

cstyle3371d ago

I like both but PES captures the sport better. Fifa has the animations down really well. Whats sets them apart to me is that its seems that when you play against the cpu on Fifa, all the teams play the same way. In PES teams play different. They will even change tactics against you if they are down.

Fifa gets a thumbs up from me for its midfield play, but when you get down into that attacking 3rd of the field its just too easy to score goals. I'm playing in career and I score at least 4 goals with the same player each game....and that's on the highest difficulty.

MegaSackman3371d ago

You must be playing FIFA08 or older.
PES is a poor game since Winning Eleven 10, when seabass left, the game just lost everything that made it the king.

Baka-akaB3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

Seabass didnt leave , he actually even led pes 12 . The game has been suffering since the 360 and ps3 came along , and only started getting better again with 12 . Pes fans still stood with it because they couldnt find what they want in the ever improving Fifa .

And thank god for that , you dont want a situation when only one franchise remains .

12's goal was to fix most of what was wrong with pes 08-11 and for the most part did , along with a far better AI system .

13 should be interesting , be it in a positive or negative way , as it's supposed to be a departure toward something new and different .

FlashXIII3371d ago

The real king of football games is football manager.. neither Fifa nor PES can even begin to compare to the addictive behemoth of FM.

shadowraiden3371d ago

how can they be compared anymore.
PES 5 was the best and still is the best PES out the ones after are a joke compared to that.
while fifa has atleast added alot more to its franchise in past couple of years and i feel is now the much better game.

Hanilugtehul3371d ago

i agree pes was great but now fifas the Champ.Peace:-)