Syndicate Developers Doing What's Best for the Series

Starbreeze Studios, the Swedish minds behind both critically-acclaimed The Chronicles of Riddick games, are reviving a long-dormant franchise tomorrow. Syndicate will release in just a few short hours, and fans of the first game, also titled Syndicate (released way back in 1993), are hesitant considering the switch from an isometric tactical shooter to a more modern, first-person perspective. I’m going to attempt to allay their fears and disappointment, as I firmly believe that this is the correct transition to get this futuristic sci-fi shooter into the attention of gamers everywhere.

Those of us who played the first game all the way back in the early 90’s know how outdated it is. The game has not aged well at all, and I found myself struggling to adjust to the gameplay that would best be described as moving at a snail’s pace. The fact is that these types of top-down squad shooters just don’t exist anymore. Believe it or not, there’s a reason behind this; they don’t move quickly enough to keep the interest of all the shortened attention spans out there nowadays. Social commentary aside, I think the switch to FPS was both necessary and warranted, and in the end, it will give us a superior perspective to witness the interactions between Syndicate’s mega-corporations battling it out for consumer control.

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NYC_Gamer2520d ago

Nope,they did what share-holders/the publisher thought was right.Starbreeze ran after that fps market with the illusion of breaking charts/mega sales.

Jdoki2520d ago

I have a lot of respect for Starbreeze as a developer. But seems to me that this 'Syndicate' game was just trying to cash in on the nostalgia the name brings.

As a new IP this would be a mediocre shooter, with the Syndicate name attached it becomes a mediocre shooter that sells a few more copies to people hoping it captures the spirit of the isometric original.

I have the same fears for the X-Com FPS (although higher hopes for the proper turn based strategy reboot).

Rabidgummibear2518d ago

I think they are trying to make the best game they can with pressure from a publisher. Sure they are reusing a name but I dont think thats in hopes of it selling a few more copies.

Grimhammer002520d ago

I'm loving it right now. Jumped straight into co-op.
It's very huge on unlocks. I just hope 9 maps with 3 difficulties can really keep me motivated long enough to Mac a chracter.

Rabidgummibear2518d ago

I've heard a lot of people saying they really dug the co-op and the game so far!