Syndicate - Ready for the Reboot

GoozerNation writes, "I'm proud to admit it - I'm an old-school Syndicate fan. I was fortunate to have played the original game back in the early 90s.

It was an interesting time, at the cusp of advances in technology -- computer technology. Graphics had gone from 16-color EGA to the 256 colors of VGA, and if you had an advanced enough video card, you could take advantage of the higher-resolution goodness of SVGA (Super VGA). Not only were the graphics of modern computer games getting better, but the sound was also improving. Sound cards turned the beeps and boops of the internal computer speaker into "fully orchestrated" music with sound effect and voice overs."

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PieMonster2429d ago

This game looks really good.

honkyjesus2428d ago

Loving it so far, and I haven't even touched the coop.