XBLA Is The Digital Future Of Gaming

360 Magazine: Will triple-A XBLA games discourage gamers from the high street, or can the two coexist?

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DaveX3603363d ago

The high street is dead. Long live trading turnips for videogames down a back alley.

S_C3363d ago

For me i much prefer high street, for me a physical copys will always be better, i like to see something that i have bought not just a little icon on a screen.

Biglet3363d ago

Nah. There'll be room for high street in the future, but only for indies and supermarkets. Chain-store specialists will go.

AmaZinG3363d ago

But i hope retail stays.

Dailynch3363d ago

I'm done with the high street! Long live digital!

bozebo3363d ago

"games like Geometry Wars clearly being the inspiration for indie hits like Braid and Limbo" lol what

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