{TPV} The Bargain Review Bin – Brink

Play Vault's Phil: "Brink is a weird old game. Loved by many gamers for its team based gameplay similar in theory to that of Team Fortress 2, hated by critics who slammed the game for the huge bugs it had during the first few weeks, terrible AI and a less than satisfactory free running system which was one of the biggest selling points. The game despite being plagued with some of the worst luck for any release in modern history has actually done pretty well for itself.

It was released during the mammoth PS3 blackout meaning people wouldn’t want to buy a game predominantly made for online play during the time and the pre-release codes sent to sites such as IGN and Gamespot gave the game such harsh reviews it almost seemed like the game was destined to fail. However, it’s pretty likely that Brink will receive a sequel and the game by no means flopped in terms of sales. "

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