Review: BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend (PSLS)

"Built as an evolution of Guilty Gear, the BlazBlue fighting system has never been better and more accessible than it is on the PlayStation Vita. Good as the console and PSP versions may be, the definitive way to get into BlazBlue is now PSV.
"While the 'Extend' in the title refers to its additional character and lengthened story, it’s also an accurate description of the way play sessions can last much longer than expected — joyfully so."

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doctorstrange3368d ago

Getting BlazBlue balls waiting for this

dbjj120883368d ago

Definitely going to pick this up after I get bored with the other games I bought with my Vita.

knifefight3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

I seem to be able to manage better than most people on the PS3 version, but the word on the street is the PSVita version's controls allow a lot more combo accuracy.

Smashbro293368d ago

Know what has the best "combo accuracy"? Arcade sticks. Yeah.

Razongunz3368d ago

getting the vita version.

love the looks of the game, got the limited edition (europe version) pre-ordered and its allready sendt, now i just gotta w8 for about a week for it to get to me xD