OXCGN's Uncharted: Golden Abyss Review


"One of the absolute worst ramifications a console manufacturer can deal with is that of the lack of software at the system’s launch.

Take for example the Nintendo 3DS. Few big, recognizable names – and at that, of first party nature – were at the system’s launch, which undoubtedly led to the initial losses and swift price cut.

Eager to hit Nintendo where it hurts most, Sony has launched the PlayStation Vita with both new IP and familiar faces, most notably being Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

It’s not made by Naughty Dog, and it’s near-impossible to believe that Sony Bend have matched so perfectly the story and formula we all know and love.

Golden Abyss embodies much of the AAA excellence we expect from the Uncharted franchise, but in handheld form."

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Proeliator2434d ago

Man, it's epic to hear that the game fits on the Vita well, and isn't a watered down port.

rezzah2434d ago

It really does have some stunning visuals, and it is surprising how long this game is.

remanutd552434d ago

i have beat it already , its like playing uncharted drakes fortune on the ps3 , same experience . now im working my way to platinum but thats gonna take a while

Proeliator2434d ago

I've heard they pull a Drake's Fortune and all the "challenging" parts are a bunch of snipers, hehe.

metsgaming2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

not many reviews talk about it but how is the aiming with the sticks. Did you find it difficult once you got used to the sticks?

talking about reviews in general many dont mention, this one did but most dont. Want more impressions esp from normal gamers.

Hooshuwashu2434d ago

the review says: Fans will be pleased to know that the dual analog sticks, a major feature of the Vita, work perfectly here. While they don’t offer the range or precision of their big console brother and translate just a tad bit slower to gameplay, they get the job done, and never once was I complaining about how they felt.

so, I imagine that they just take a bit of getting used to. OXCGN also did a system preview where they said the same thing basically.

Hooshuwashu2434d ago

picked this up with my first edition bundle last week, it really is fantastic. Just like DF as remanutd55 said!

gaminoz2434d ago

I think this should be bundled soon with the system :)

I'll wait until then as I don't think AUD$350 is worth it. Maybe I should import...what's the cheapest?

Proeliator2434d ago

$250 USD for just wifi (which is what I recommend), $300 USD for wifi+3G.

BadCircuit2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Wow that's like $100 difference, with our dollar better than yours....I feel ripped off.

Is that the best price around or retail?

remanutd552434d ago

this is what i was expecting my psp to be , a true playstation portable experience , Uncharted is like the ps3 versions , wipeout online campaign is a blast !!! cross platform play is great oh man , this is what i was waiting for , im loving Near too

Hooshuwashu2434d ago

I agree too! I hear wipeout's good, would you recommend it to someone who isn't a fan of racers?

shadowknight2032434d ago

YEAH I would. Only racer I like is Motorstorm, and Im finding Wipeout to be amazing

PirateThom2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I'm a huge Wipeout fan, every version I've played has offered something amazing. The gameplay starts off pretty slow and, admittedly, can get boring... once you jack up the speed, your reaction times just need to be perfect to stay on the track and get ahead of the opponents, like a totally different game. It's... amazing. Some of the additional modes the games have had are really cool as well, such as Zone mode with the trippy colours... Wipeout is my next Vita purchase.

remanutd552434d ago

yes Hooshuwashu i would recommend the game , it offers so much entertainment , one thing i havent figure it out is how to drop ships on Near for other players

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