Why The Playstation Vita May Succeed/Fail

Battle Of The Techs says: "With the Playstation Vita on the verge of release over here in the UK, it seemed like the perfect time to suggest two of the most critical areas that may cause Sony’s latest handheld to succeed/fail."

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Colwyn3366d ago

why i may fall/or not fall if i walk up the stairs.

fluffydelusions3366d ago

I wish people would stop comparing iOS games to PSV/3DS games. iOS games lack substance...they are more or less just time wasters while you sit in line or are on the bus. PSV/3DS offer real console experience.

backdrifter3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

ALL iOS games 'lack substance'? That's a pretty ill-informed opinion there.

iOS gaming is much more than merely Angry Birds knock-offs. While the majority of Vita titles may be vastly more polished, that doesn't change the fact that mobile gaming has gone through an incredible change since the PSP was launched.

I personally hope the Vita is a huge success. I'm just worried that Sony are expecting to take a huge chunk out of a market that seem to not fully understand.

Outside_ofthe_Box3366d ago


The ones that are the highest selling are the angry bird knock-offs that cost $0.99, which the media claims to be dominating he market and the reason why the Vita might flop.

iOS games lack the depth gameplay wise and story wise that the Vita will be able to provide. And that is fact. It's not my 'ill-informed opinion lol.

MaxXAttaxX3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

They never compare phones with the gaming standards of handheld consoles. It's always the other way around.

Depth, controls, story, gameplay(where controls play a big role), online community, support, etc.
Phones got nothing on Vita/3DS.

I already have a phone. Do this journalists honestly think that phone are what I want as a gamer? -_-


What the media and you don't seem to fully understand is that handheld consoles like 3DS and Vita are NOT in the same market a phones!

andibandit3365d ago

cause you got a 2 ton Vita in your pocket.

DarkSniper3365d ago

PlayStation Vita has absolutely zero chances of failure. The device has been crafted so well that you would have thought Ken Kutaragi developed the Vita himself.

PlayStation® Vita comes jampacked with all of the amazing features that currently exists in all PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminals, plus more. Sony Entertainment Network has been reconstructed to enhance the PlayStation experience beyond the living room and into the real world.

The reason why PlayStation® Vita will not fail is because it has become a way of life. Dark Sniper gives SCE's engineering staff full credit for creating a digital matrix in our real lives.

The future is now. PlayStation® Vita is available in stores today.


Why o why3365d ago

Welcome back wheres Zhuk

I cant get my personal gaming fix from ios games. I own an ipad but i compare ios games to psn and xbl games in general. Many of those games are good but they're NOT my main squeeze. They are mainly travel fillers and total touch pad gaming just isnt the same. You just cant beat a proper input device

360GamerFG3365d ago

Wow! You sound like a PLAYSTATION ad, do you really have to do that?

Biohazard88603365d ago

another vita fail article smh these pop up like every 10 mins

TKCMuzzer3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

If people would just embrace it and enjoy it instead of trying to find something wrong then maybe the gaming industry can hold it's own against the over saturated iOS
market. I am a gamer and want games, yes there is a market for things like Angry Birds (overrated) but that's not for me. Sony are doing something right, they are providing a device made for gaming , tech that allows all kinds of games to be played in many ways.
Gamers and the media should be embracing it and pushing it before we get swamped down in puzzle games and Tetris clones and before we know it we will have articles all over N4G saying "Who killed gaming as we know it", Why did Sony and Microsoft let this happen". The iPad is a great device but it's NOT a gaming device.

OmegaSaiyanX3365d ago

Getting sick with these PS Vita 'fail' articles, this handheld will not fail, its got a great lineup of launch titles and given the hardware its packing am sure developers wll be very keen to give it tons of support which they are already doing.

I'm getting mine tomorrow from amazon cant wait!

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