Download these 5 PSP games onto your PlayStation Vita

Check out these PlayStation Portable classics that you can download and add to your PlayStation Vita library.

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roblef2484d ago

Wait, my what? It's not even out here for another couple of days.

rezzah2484d ago

I guess for those who have the first edition that came out back on the 15th.

I have one.

I know North America got the first edition, I am not sure about any other countries.

2484d ago
moparful992484d ago

already playing chains of olympus.. Planning on buying ghost of sparta, final fantasy tactics, and final fantasy iv complete collection... loving my Vita

SilentNegotiator2483d ago

*Throws UMDs at Vita*
Awwwwww, maaaaan.

It would be nice to see Sony create that UMD to Digital program that they hinted at twice.

Good choices on the article. Some of the best PSP has to offer.