PlayStation Vita Launch Games: Review Averages Lower Than PSP Prequels

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Sequels should, in theory, receive higher review scores than prequels. Development budgets increase, technology becomes more advanced and companies conduct extensive focus testing to see what works and what doesn't. By this logic, you should expect part two (and so on and so forth) to smoke the original.

NukaCola4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

Read the reviews. There is a metric ass ton of poor judgement and bad reasoning for some of those scores.

"Uncharted Golden Abyss is the best looking handheld title ever...not as epic as the PS3 games...7/10"

The only games that really got a justification of bad reviews are MNR (which is BS the devs didnt have anything online and not having the community is such a bad decision...and Little Deviants cause it's pretty much Welcome Park (which is free plus trophies).

I have not played all the Vita titles, but a lower score cause the game is a port is BS. Unless the quality changes, it's wrong to damage the score. And yeah, this thing is compared to PS3. But the reasoning is the Vita is the PS3 compared to the PSP which pulled PS2 quality titles. Calling launch games a failure is pure trollbait. What handheld game plays crossplay with a console, up to 8 players with voice chat and rewards challenges? NOT ONE except what Sony is doing. Wipeout is paving the way for the future and it gets shafted. I think the media is just looking for a reason to hate.

This generation of media makes me sick.

murkster-dubez4498d ago

Its hilarious, games are being given lower scores because they are not quite as good as the console version loool however the 3ds will always escape the console comparisons in reviews.

MaxXAttaxX4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

And what is this article trying to accomplish...?

TooTall194498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

That is the thing that is really hurting me when I read a review, cause I haven't played most of these ports. I have played MvC2, Hot Shots golf (PS2), and Wipeout. I have not played any Lumines, FIFA, Tennis, Blazblue, or Mortal Combat. There are only a few reviews that are useful in making a decision.

ginsunuva4498d ago

Every single review I've seen says "Game X's graphics are amazing, but they only 99% reach the fidelity of the ps3 version. It's a major disgrace to the world. Also, it doesn't have splitscreen like the console versions. 7/10"

despair4498d ago

I have to agree now with you, saw and read the F1 review from IGN and the reviewer spent the entire time saying why its not as good as the console version, then says its much, much better than the 3ds version and gives it a 7.0 (3ds one got a 6.0 if I remember correctly), even the graphics which are really good for a handheld he compares to the console version.

This is getting ridiculous. Even if its from the same franchise does not mean it needs to be compared to the console versions.

izumo_lee4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

Bubbles up NukaCola

Completely agree with what you said. I do not understand the reasoning for giving a game like Uncharted GA something like a 7 for being the best looking game on a handheld. Every review i read compare it to Uncharted 2 or 3, when it should be compared to the original which from what i read is what Sony Bend was influenced by.

Modnation scores are justified but that doesn't mean that multiplayer can not be patched in. The great thing about the Vita is that games CAN be patched, like them or not patches can improve a game. The 3DS does not have that luxury.

You should check out the reviews on gamespot, i like the site but the reviews on the Vita games are 'head scratching' at times. Almost every game is a 7 according to them cause they are the same game as previous versions, by that logic something like COD should be held at that same standard.

My gripe with gaming media is that there is sometimes a double standard when reviewing games be it vita, PS3, 3DS, etc.

Keep in mind that this is only the 1st generation of games for the system. Imagine what devs can do once they understand the structure of the Vita even more. Almost every PS system has seen that near the end of their life cycle games get better & better.

Marceles4498d ago


That's exactly what I said in a Kotaku review when they reviewed Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. This was my exact comment:

"People are comparing this game to home consoles...I think it's safe to say Vita is doing what it's supposed to. The standards on everything Sony does compared to other companies are so high that nothing ever impresses reviewers, while everyone else can halfway do everything and be praised."

KeePeR_214498d ago

The worst of all of them was igns hot shots golf review, he gave it a iffy score because it was, and i quote, "Too Challenging". What a joke, about 6 paragraphs for the review and 5 of them were spent on his ranting fustration with the fact that it wasnt mario...hold your hand and walk you through it...golf....wat a nooooooooob

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deep_fried_bum_cake4498d ago

One of the reasons would be for that will be that back then there would have been the awe of "OMG they look just like the console games" which would have pumped up scores a bit. And as NukaCola above says there is now comparisons to the console versions of some games on the Vita which in reviews is stupid and will only drive the score down.

uwazir4498d ago

@NukaCola i think u pretty much summed up what i wanted to say lol

Knight_Cid4498d ago

not suprised the psp versions were better which is why the psp sold more

Hicken4498d ago

Dude, give it a break. You haven't played a single game, likely on either system, so how would you know which one is better? And how the hell can you compare a handheld that's been out for years to one that's not even out everywhere yet and say "this one sold more?" Why the hell do you still have three bubbles?

To the author(Buff1044):

In theory? What theory? What the hell are you talking about? AGAIN? Is trolling the Vita the only thing you do?

Seriously, what is WITH this guy and his hate of the Vita?

Oh, and this is obvious proof to all you people that say "There's no conspiracy" when it comes to Sony's products. Of course, you won't see that because you're blinded, but not being able to see something doesn't stop it from being right in your face.

Lex_Dangerously 4497d ago

Lmao. Not only are a complete hypocrite but you're arrogant too. What a great combo!!

tweet754498d ago

I knew the launch lineup was too good to be true. The biggest complaint is the launch lineup 1.basically the same games are rehashed for the vita or 2. they try too hard to show off the new features of vita, ruining aspects of the games. But like all other sony consoles wait a year or so for some gems.

despair4498d ago

give me a single console with a 100% blockbuster launch line up. From reviews the games are far from bad and many reviews are poorly done as they compare a console to a handheld and not just in a mention but base the review on it.

There are about 6-8 good to great games on the launch line up and more to come from what I've seen and sifted through from the reviews and videos and that's impressive considering that the system is not officially launched yet(outside Japan of course).

I do agree there are some rehashes but they are mostly good and many people, myself included, are looking forward to some of them. I want UMvC3, FIFA and MK on a handheld, thats awesome. But what you ignore are the number of unique titles, new IPs and overall great ideas and games announced and shown.

Established franchises are a must for the Vita and a welcome addition but its not like the new stuff is not there. As for "forced vita features" in the games, there are hits and misses and most are welcome because they add a choice to your playstyle and even enhance it sometimes.

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