10 Most Difficult Video Game Achievements That Aren't Worth It

​Gaming is about challenges, or if you're into MMORPGs, gaming is about challenges and calling people gaylords. Regardless, game designers go to extreme lengths in order for you to test your skills, with rewards to follow. Sometimes, though, the rewards are simply not worth the agony of the accomplishment.

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Pozzle4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Lol I never noticed the Resident Evil 2 thing. Oh Wesker, you pervert! Wasn't Rebecca only a teenager?! D:

...though I'm curious as to who discovered this easter egg first. Did they just randomly keep clicking X at Wesker's desk in the hopes that something would eventually happen? o.O

deep_fried_bum_cake4007d ago

I don't agree with the riddler trophies one, I felt satisfied after I managed to find them all.

Chidori4007d ago

LMAO @ the skyrim video.

rattletop4006d ago

i think the calendar man achievement isn't worth it. not the riddler trophies

Merivigian4006d ago

The riddler trophies in AA were pretty easy, the set of achievements were enough of a reward for me.

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