PixelJunk Monsters Previewed By VGM

VGM got to spend some time with PixelJunk Monsters at a Sony media event and came away impressed by this simple, yet fun downloadable title for PS3's Playstation Network. PJM is the second of a three game series of PixelJunk titles by Q-Games and showcases hand-drawn 2-D art in a real time strategy setting that involves building towers to defend your base.

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Relcom5261d ago

For me anyways, catsle defense is one of my favorite Flash games. So this is right up that alley.

Enzo5261d ago

One of favorite games from Sega Genesis is Gems Of Power and it looks like this game is going to be similar to it.

$8-10 bucks ain't so bad I guess.

Brainiac 85260d ago

This will probably be the first game I download onto my PS3. So far my money has gone toward the VC, but I can't wait to try this one out.

slymaddox5260d ago

This sounds like a game I could get into. I have always like defense games. This one sounds a lot like desktop defense. That is a great example to follow.

GodsHand5260d ago

So, is it like Rampart? Build then defend.

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