5 Stupid Ideas That Got Turned Into Terrible Games

Because sometimes you just look at a game and have to ask yourself, “How did this get made? Who thought this was a good idea?”

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FlareDReborn3066d ago

DBE was the worst movie ever in the existence of movies.

TheUnbiasedLion3065d ago

it wasn't even DB - DBZ, the only thing it had was dragonballs and same names.

Was sickening.

deep_fried_bum_cake3065d ago

But it was so accurate to the show. Like how piccolo in the one that kills his grandpa and how roshi uses the kamehameha to revive a dead goku rather than blow a hole in his chest. And lets not forget how awesomely authentic piccolo seemed.

WeedyOne3065d ago

Wow they actually made a game based on that horrendous movie? sad.

MsclMexican3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Ok... I am guilty of playing 2 of these games.

Shadow the Hedgehog and Pokemon Channel.

Shadow the Hedgehog was actually pretty fun.

Pokemon Channel? I bought a game in which I watch TV with a Pikachu... that was the whole game. Man I was a stupid 10 year old.

Hell the only reason I think I bought that game is because it came with a demo for Pokemon Colosseum. And then I got XD gale of darkness

Now those were awesome games... even though I am 20 now... that game needs a sequel.

tigertron3065d ago

I don't really count Channel as a game, more as a Tamagotchi. I only really bought it for a Jirachi, and I'm ashamed to say I traded in my PS1 for it. Worst decision in my life. EVER.

I was a big fan of Pokémon at the time and my foolish child mentality got in the way of common sense. I just want my PS1 back...

Kos-Mos3065d ago

But plenty of americans still watched it. *cough*gears,me,gow,cod,killzo ne,gta,halo*cough*

rezzah3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

I've seen far worse.

Edit: Not saying it is good though.

skyblue142133065d ago

What about the movie called street fighter: the legend of chun lee?

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Nugan3066d ago

I have to admit, I would totally play Downton Abbey Kart Racing.

y0haN3065d ago

WTF is in his crack pipe? The end of MGS4 was nothing short of awesome!

deep_fried_bum_cake3065d ago

Don't know why people disagree with you, that was one of my favourite gaming moments.

colonel1793065d ago

The first time I played it I didn't know I was in control of what was happening. When I realized, I got goosebumps of how awesome it was. For me the entire las chapter of MGS4 was epic.

oldfriend863065d ago

MGS4 was a mess at every turn. Trying to tie up every single loose end, does not a good story make.

MGS3 however, had the greatest ending in the history of everything.

Abdou233065d ago

"Ignored for hating MGS4"
Same here.

JD_Shadow3065d ago

Well, that's your opinion and your entitled to that, but you are in the MINUTE minority there. That ending was VERY epic. All the battle themes from the various MGSs (well, I'm counting the third one as one know, it plays during THAT fight in MGS3), the way it's just your fists and feet doing the fighting instead of guns, and it's the fight that you've been waiting 4 games to finally have. Yeah, not sure what you saw as a flaw that none of us did.

But you are right about MGS3. That WAS epic, as well, especially when it's YOU, with the actual button, that has to do the ending action. Very good breaking of the fourth wall there.

I won't go as far as ignoring you, though. Some people just take opinions too damn seriously.

Tainted Gene3065d ago

So is it conventional wisdom that MGS4 is better than MGS3??? I mean I love ALL the MGS games, and MGS1 is still my All-Time favorite.

But I always thought MGS3 was more well received than MGS4, in terms of story specifically.

I know everyone has their own opinions, but is the assumption (MGS3 > MGS4) not the case???

AWBrawler3065d ago

you ignit bastard! MGS4 was a masterpiece

oldfriend863065d ago

The only Metal Gears I liked were MGS1 and MGS3. Their stories were more movie like. As bizarre as the lore is in the Metal Gear universe, at least 1 & 3 were more believable.

4 was like a soap opera (Raiden and Rosemary during MGS2 was like that too). People coming back from the dead, corny romance wrap ups; everything was without substance. The whole game was about tying up every loose end, disregarding anything that makes logical sense (even for Metal Gear's standards) and being too over the top with the drama. Besides Snake's monolog at the beginning, there was nothing about the MGS4's story that I liked, nor did anything make sense, especially the ending. And I'm usually open minded about how Metal Gear stories go.

The fist fight was fine, it's the time placement. MGS1 and MGS3 had their final fist battles at the perfect time. MGS4 threw it into a part, that eventually became out-shined and forgotten once you board the battleship.

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Der_Kommandant3065d ago

The fight between Solid Snake and Liquid was epic

Tainted Gene3065d ago

"spoiler" (as if its really needed)

But the thing is its not really Liquid at all its Ocelot, its been Ocelot since MGS2. I may be in the minority but I wanted the real Liquid Snake to have "residence". so to speak. in Ocelot's mind.

The idea of a reattached arm transferring consciousness to another sounds far fetched but I still thought it was interesting when it was introduced in MGS2. Sadly, to me at least, it was just Ocelot just acting to be Liquid to trick the "La-le-lo-li-lo" (forget exact phrase).

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