Gamespot Now Playing: Asura's Wrath - The Beginning

Danny and Cam sit down with the first 30 minutes of Asura's Wrath, featuring sci-fi combat, demigods, and weird squid-looking space ships.

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ElliePage4245d ago

18 episodes
3 mins of gameplay
15 min long episodes

Could easily beat in 5 hours.


Looking Back at the Best Beat'em Ups on the PS3

Carve your burning fist through this list featuring the best beat'em ups you can experience on the PlayStation 3.

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jznrpg198d ago

I loved Asura’s Wrath . It’s my avatar still to this day

Abnor_Mal198d ago

I remember Remember Me, I haven’t forgotten that it was actually a good game.


Xbox Store Kicks Off Back Compat, Family Time & Free to Play Sales

Daily Video Game writes: "Xbox Store has just launched three new digital sales that offers steep discounts on various combat, family, and free to play games for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, including many Xbox 360 games right now!"

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ZeekQuattro454d ago

I had no idea Binary Domain was backwards compatible. I know what I'm downloading.

JayRyu454d ago

I would like El Shaddi, Afterburner Climax, and outrun 2 please. I am sure that there are other games as well but those came to mind for me right now.


Bring it Back | Asura's Wrath

GotGame's Bring it Back returns with a Capcom one-hit wonder, taking a retrospective look at CyberConnect2's quick time event heavy Asura's Wrath.

eXclurel910d ago

I really really loved this game. I would really love to play it again but unfortunately my Xbox 360 is long gone.

TheEspiownage910d ago

It’s backwards compatible for Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X, so there’s still a way to play it on one modern console at least.