3 Great Reasons to Try PS Vita/PS3 Cross-Play Content

'The day is approaching for you to finally get your hands on PlayStation Vita! For some of you, that day is already here with the delivery of the First Edition Bundle. As we’ve discussed in several previous Blog posts, the connection between PS Vita and PS3 is one of the most compelling features that sets gaming on PS Vita apart. Because we want all of you early PS Vita owners to check out the cross-platform gameplay experience, we’re offering content on both platforms for one promotional price with two launch titles, Hustle Kings and WipEout 2048. Our friends at Capcom are also offering shared content for no additional cost with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.'

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This is such a great idea and as games become more common as DL titles the Vita will be more and more of a better/easier sell for Sony. I mean it's iTunes for gaming...taking real gaming on the go!

bubwright2463d ago

give us one reason NOT to try it?!