Why Uncharted 3 Should Win The GAME BAFTA Award

Wesley Copeland of VGI writes... "Each year BAFTA rolls out the red carpet and dishes out trophies like Skyrim dishes out arrows to the lower leg region.

However, the sad truth of the BAFTA GAME Award is that it has became a mass popularity contest, of which, Call of Duty wins each year.

This year however VGI is on the scene and we plan on shaking things up!"

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mightyles2440d ago

I'd be surprised if Arkham City doesn't win the bafta. Bafta always favours British made games. As much as I enjoyed Uncharted 3, beyond some excellent acting and epic set pieces the rest of the game was actually a bit shit. Rubbish hive mind enemy A.I, bullet sponge enemies, and inconsistent random deaths (one minute a 3ft drop kills you, the next you fall 20ft without a scratch). Having said that, the co-op was good.

omi25p2439d ago

Dont forget the awful story...

kikizoo2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

"Why Uncharted 3 Should Win The GAME BAFTA Award"

more 10/10 than anything else this year, on the best console available, it's a good reason, no matter how many time desperated xfanboyz are trying to downplay and nitpick the game..

Kingdom Come2439d ago

Actually, it wasn't even in the top ten best reviewed games of the year:

SoapShoes2439d ago

It had over 100 perfect review scores. I'm pretty sure it was it's just Metacritic didn't count every site out there. Although maybe another had more perfect scores who knows? I wasn't paying attention to those games.

FunkMacNasty2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

@ Kikizoo - hahahah. And your the one who's brings up the word "fanboy" with a statement like that!?

Let's be honest here. Uncharted 3 was a great game, but it definitley was NOT the epic awesomefest that it's predecessor was. The only people who are insisting that UC3 is the be-all-end-all of games this gen, or even this year, are a bit delusional if you ask me. Especially considering all the other amazing games that came out during the past year that were arguably better than UC3.

...And you don't have to be an "desparated xfanboy" to nitpick or downplay Uncharted 3. I played through it and continued to nitpick over plenty. Especially having such high expectations after playing the true pinnicle of awesomeness in the series which, of course, is Uncharted 2: among thieves

EmperorDalek2439d ago

"However, the sad truth of the BAFTA GAME Award is that it has became a mass popularity contest, of which, Call of Duty wins each year."

If i'm remembering the same awards, they gave ME2 GOTY last year. MW2 arguably deserved it in 2009, no matter what internet people say. It's a popularity contest, so don't take it seriously.

VGI2439d ago

I had no problem with the 2010 GOTY going to ME2. I don't agree with it as I felt there were more deserving titles, but I can see why ME2 won BEST GAME.

As for MW2, I still find the original Modern Warfare to be the best MW title out of the three.

And yes, you're totally right on the popularity contest remark.

Hopefully if enough people Tweet this, Facebook it and get behind one game we can change who wins, or at least, show it up for the charade that it is.

nirwanda2439d ago

Thats because its voted for by the public you should vote if you want to make a difference to the result