FIFA 12 3DS Vs PS Vita Gameplay

"Well, we all knew that the PS Vita was a more powerful handheld than the 3DS, but its hard to really notice a difference when the vast majority of the games are different. Well thanks to EA for their annual releases, we can see just how much better the Vita version of FIFA 12 is over the 3DS game."

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Rob9463063d ago

I knew the Vita would look more impressive, but this blows the 3DS version away!

Dante1123063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Wow, the Vita version looks great.

3DS video from the article.

fluffydelusions3063d ago

PSV version looks like the console version

Titanz3063d ago

Semi-try on Nintendo platforms: charge premium.

Fund Sony platforms: charge premium.

The 3DS is a very capable piece of hardware. If companies "choose" not to push the system to its full capabilities, then we'll have Fifa 3DS scenarios.

Did you see how well Resident Evil Revelation looks? EA just used the psp models for Fifa soccer on the 3DS, because they believe they can get away with it.

fluffydelusions3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Maybe because 3DS is basically equivalent to PSP in terms of power, though maybe a bit better? If you think it matches PSV power you are VERY much mistaken.

smashcrashbash3063d ago

Yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Outside_ofthe_Box3063d ago

Yes, the 3DS is a very nice and capable piece of tech, but there is no way the 3DS version would look on par with the Vita version as the Vita's graphics are closer to current gen graphics where as the 3DS clearly isn't.

If the 3DS looked identical to the Vita version that would mean that EA "semi-try"-ed on the Vita.

--Onilink--3063d ago


he is never saying that the 3DS matches the Vita in terms of power, he is just saying you can notice the diference when a developer puts enought effort and when it doesnt.

The 3DS is significantly more powerful than the PSP because it has to render everything twice to achieve the 3D effect, and you can see how good the games can be if you look at examples like Resident Evil, Kid Icarus, etc

GraveLord3063d ago

3DS is roughly on par with PSP with 3D on.
I dont know why you're surprised the Vita version looks so much better. Yes, there is room for improvement on the 3DS version but don't expect anything on the level of the Vita version, ever.

dark-hollow3063d ago

The 3ds is more powerful than the psp.

Sure it isn't as good a the vita but come on it's not on par with the psp.

Did you even played resident evil revelation?

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GamersRulz3063d ago

this is not even funny!!

Rob9463063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Pretty crazy, the Vita version rivals the PS3 version, while the 3DS version just looks awful when compared. I can see great things coming from the Vita seeing as this is a launch game.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3063d ago

If sony marketed the vita from this angle it'll get a lot of sales.

2EHO3063d ago

Resident evil revelations, tekken 3d prime, street fighter 4 3d... All show that this games doesn't represent what the 3ds hardware can do. Say what you will.

Arnagrim3063d ago

Do you know if SSFIV 3D has gotten an update for Arcade Edition yet?

3063d ago
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