Mass Effect 3 Demos Analysed

The concluding chapter of the Mass Effect trilogy is remarkable in that it's the first to be released simultaneously on all major HD platforms, with BioWare releasing Xbox 360, PS3 and PC demos earlier this week. Feedback we received from readers suggested that the PS3 build fails to match its Xbox 360 sibling, exhibiting major frame-rate issues - something we decided to put to the test.

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SockeyBoy3061d ago

IMO demo wasn't that awesome but for some reason it pissed me off how you could choose 3 playable modes, Action, RPG or story...(wtf)

Blacktric3061d ago

Yeah because having the "option" to choose between three different styles is a horrible thing...


SockeyBoy3061d ago

For a game that is made by a company that wanted/want to be the biggest "RPG" developer...than yes haha.

Brixxer6003061d ago

I'm playing the co-op more than the sp , horde mode turned out to be a good idea.

3061d ago
Deadman643061d ago

How do you use the upgrades for the pistol that you find?

IronFistChinMi3061d ago

When you get on the Normandy in the full game.

MasterD9193061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I love the multiplayer.

The campaign IMO was just a kinect demo or demo to help people who are new to the series get acquainted. I am hoping there is much more to the beginning than what we saw in this demo though...but good all around. Can't wait to get my hands on the actual game since it feels like its been forever since it was announced.

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