Nightfire relaunch campaign begins

Eurocom's decision to relaunch Goldeneye in 2010 resulted in one of the finest Bond games to date, and with only one other new Bond game on the horizon, two Dutch fans have turned their attentions to the series past once again, beginning a campaign to relaunch the 2002 title, Nightfire. With a well organised campaign, the pair hope to convince Eurocom and Activision to give Nightfire the Goldeneye treatment and relaunch it to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary, bringing it up to date in terms of gameplay.

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Cajun Chicken2434d ago

Ohh, Nightfire was awesome! I remember the redeemer like controlled missiles!

sinncross2434d ago

Nightfire was great. Though i would like to see them keep Brosnan if possible :)

Titanz2434d ago

Shooters should always have bots in multiplayer - it should be a recommendation!

DarkBlood2433d ago

oh that would be cool to do id buy that day one

chanmasta2433d ago

I have the Nightfire Gamecube game a meter away from me, haha. I hope this remake is good.
Wish they kept Brosnan though; my favorite Bond.

portal_22433d ago

Pick a Bond title which hasn't been made into a game, lose the quicktime events, implement more espionage and stealth, more exploration and freedom (I like to call the f*ck around factor) full online coop for missions and competitive modes and I'll buy it. Oh and yeah, it can't be published by Activision - oh well I can dream.

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