Alan Wake screenshot comparison: 360 vs. PC

From PC Gamer -

"We know that PC games can look sharper and more detailed than anything the 360 will ever release, but it’s surprising just how much better when you do a side by side comparison. Alan Wake was released two years ago for the 360, but it’s finally coming to PC (graphically enhanced) tomorrow. The PC’s updated graphics show clear screens of a school bus illegally parking or a gas station with the most terrifying truck decoration I’ve ever seen. The 360 versions makes me feel like I have been drinking all day after stepping on my only pair of glasses."

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Abdou233065d ago

PC version is just brighter.

coolbeans3065d ago

Textures look much cleaner as well. It's really cool to see the difference when I thought AW on 360 was awesome for its time.

Virtual_Reality3065d ago

Definitely more detailed on PC with a lot of advanced features.
Also you can have a smooth gameplay at 60FPS.

ninjahunter3065d ago

You high? Or are you blind?

Tommy3343065d ago

This is like PS3 360 comparison only difference is this is suppose this is the right end result.