The 10 Commandments Of Video Games

Hear ye, hear ye! I have traveled from Mumbo’s Mountain to Rapture, I have seen the 7 Wonders of The Video Game World, and I return to you with these 10 Commandments, so that you may know how to be a proper gamer. And if you think to defy me, I have provided a list of proper punishments to the unfaithful. (Reminder: This is all in fun, so please don’t take these seriously. If so you shall be…dealt with.) Here are the 10 Video Game Commandments.

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TheUnbiasedLion2441d ago

Bet they were scratching their heads on the last two cause they are quite rubbish.

Fun little read though. Screenwatching dosnt really apply anymore, all my friends just play each other online, gone with the days you had to come over to someones house to play :(