EGM: Twisted Metal Review

EGM: A follow-up to everyone’s favorite car-combat clinic has been a long time coming, and Twisted Metal doesn’t disappoint, ending up as a game that’ll please diehard Toothies and newcomers alike with a strong core experience and a ton of replay value. It’s traveled a bit of a bumpy road to find its way home, but it still offers one helluva ride

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hellzsupernova2462d ago

reviews seem to be very mixed with this game. being a long time fan of car combat and after reading Ryan Clements review i think this game is a must have for me. car combat is back!

TheLastGuardian2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Most review scores seem to be in the 8-9 range. As a fellow Twisted Metal fan whose played every game in the series, I can assure you that fans of the series will love this game. It's for carcombat fans and newcomers alike, but this game was made for TM fans first and foremost. I love this game to death, I'll be playing it for years.

andibandit2462d ago

i agree, the game is fine.

GamersRulz2462d ago

one hell of a game, great job ESP

NeoTribe2462d ago

Id have to mostly agree with this review. I2 miss playing every charachter for there story and the smaller fast cars specials do kinda suck. Why does crimson fury have a copy pasted version of kamakazis special? Overall the game still kicks ass.