Technology Speculation: The Microsoft Durango

Microsoft should be the first console to ditch the discs and go 100% downloadable content

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DaThreats2436d ago

Should ditch discs?

ImperialAffliction2436d ago

Seriously. I love having boxes, discs, and manuals, and I enjoy going to the store to get games. Also, there are large portions of America that don't have access to quality Internet service.

AceofStaves2436d ago

There's also the issue of usage caps working against the download-only model. Perhaps MS might release a download-only SKU, but I can't see them abandoning the disk-based model any time soon.

LackTrue4K2435d ago

@AceofStave,that makes alot more senses about them making there system not run used games. cuz all games will be keeped in your hardrive

BugsBunny2436d ago

I know right....

I don't were that far a hea to go all digital maybe next next gen or the gen after that.

I mean MS have trouble fitting games onto their discs now, imagine the download time if it was digital, especialy if there new, next gen titles.

RandomDude6552436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Seriously?!? Why do people keep saying this? Where are people going to buy the hardware when it gets dropped by retail outlets? Consoles are already expensive, and retail would require a large markup if games aren't sold in stores (PSP Go).

Anywho, excited to see the specs of all three systems.

SixZeroFour2435d ago

if they do make it completely digital download, it better lower the cost of games significantly...cause im sure part of the huge cost in games comes from manufacturing and distribution of the dvd/bluray games

darthv722435d ago

but the costs to press discs and the casings are seriously cheaper now than they once were.

If anything, a digital download system would be more $$$ due to server overhead and maintenance.

That kind of support doesnt come cheap if something goes wrong.

DeadlyFire2435d ago

Haha this is funny. Although Microsoft did say Xbox 360 last console to have a disc. I do expect discs and I expect that this console will have GE's HVD format. Why well. Its a format that plays DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Size is bigger and Microsoft can afford to throw it in the system. I doubt they will use 500 GB discs though maybe 100 GB discs at most. Blu-Ray sports 100 GB discs as well so it should be a pretty even format battle this time around between the two. I am not certain of Nintendo's intentions, but they usually make their own format.

Either way though I do expect OnLive/OTOY/Gaikai to make it to a console platform this generation in the later end of it.

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LX-General-Kaos2436d ago

Ditching discs will be one of the most horrific mistakes for console gaming. Especially people like me who have built a great collection of xbox and xbox 360 games. I would have to replace those invisible XBOX 720 cases with an I Owe You slip.

BigManFanelli2436d ago

This should be the name of the next system.

stonecold32436d ago

havent companys tryed that already the phantom onlive and psp go all failed if the next xbox is goingto be like that its going to be a flop or doa arrival i cant wait to see ps4

CarnageXB2436d ago

I miss my Dodge Durango :(

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