Fable 4 is crucial to Xbox’s future, but it could be a Monkey’s Paw moment for fans

Xbox fans might want to be careful what they wish for; it could be harder to recapture the magic of Fable than Playground realizes.

paulust2002105d ago

Let's hope that using Playground isn't a mistake. Generally studios making genres they don't normally develop doesn't seem to work out well.


Peter Molyneux has high hopes for Playground's Fable

One of the biggest reveals at this year's Xbox Games Showcase was the latest Fable trailer. After a lengthy stint of silence, Playground Games gave us a look at bits of the title, albeit in a trailer that was mostly made up of CGI nonsense headlined by comedian Richard Ayoade, who is playing a rather frustrated giant.

Molyneux asked about what he thought about the Fable reveal.

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4Sh0w78d ago

Damm thats a name I haven't heard from in what seems like since forever.

Nebaku78d ago

And we thank the lord each day.

Michiel198978d ago

he actually was in the news every now and then with a (couple) scam games he made

Double_O_Revan78d ago

The exact same thought came to mind when I read the headline. It's been so long since we've heard his lies and over ambitions.

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Vengeance113878d ago

A failed hack designer has high hopes for Fable lol incoming flop confirmed!

Godmars29077d ago

Well, he's not associated with it. Giving interviews talking about features never at any point mentioned with devs let alone introduced.

It might have a chance.

Godmars29078d ago

Peter Molyneux: Hideo Kojima minus ability and skill.

Godmars29078d ago

Think you mean ethics.

Also, whose defending Molyneux? Wasn't his last game a literal ripoff with him offering a prize but not giving it?

KwietStorm_BLM78d ago

I wonder if those hopes are higher or lower than Milo?

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What The New Fable Needs To Be Better Than The Original Trilogy

The original Fable games were flawed masterpieces. How can the new Fable game keep the best parts of its prequels while avoiding the same issues?

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4Sh0w83d ago

"What The New Fable Needs To Be Better Than The Original Trilogy"

-pfft who wrote that title?

-Anyway if what they mean is "What the new Fable needs to *do better than the original trilogy", then I'd say stop trying to dictate what the new Fable should and shouldn't do or be. All I ask is that it has the spirit of the original but do their own thing and hopefully its good, thats good enough for me.

neomahi82d ago

They're gonna jack it up, they always do, and really, bringing someone on board to pick up where someone left off, especially when Fable had the reputation it did (because the Xbox 360 during it's time put up a fight against the PS3 and really made PlayStation's job a rough one going), and that's a tall order to fill, it really is. Sure, it'll be pretty but it's not gonna be the same. Australian humor is quite different from British humor, it's cons getting dumped on a desert island by the truckload.

I'm sure it'll be okay, but not award winning

Muadiib82d ago

The new developer is British as well though.

M0chit082d ago

A potion created between some ideas

- the first two Fables
- a high fantasy setting
- an open world like the two new 3D Zeldas


Can You Even Make Fable 4 These Days?

Fable 4 is allegedly aiming for a Witcher-like des