Mass Effect 3 PS3 vs. Xbox 360 comparison video

Yesterday BioWare released the Mass Effect 3 demo on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

We thought we'd pit the two versions against each other to see if there are any visual differences between them. Unless our eyes are failing us we can't see much of a difference. Can you?

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Christopher2490d ago

Some 360 areas look too dark, some PS3 areas look too bright, medium range look pretty much the same. Gamma will even these two out. Otherwise, graphics are the same.

Play2Win2489d ago

can you even tell me the lottery numbers?

OmegaSlayer2489d ago

I will say it again like I said in the LensOfTruth news.
On my PS3 the game didn't look that blurry or washed out.
I have the cutscene with Wrex and Garrus in mind pretty well, Wrex is much more detailed than it looks in that vid.

Gaming1012489d ago

Exactly, I played this on PS3 and it didn't look blurry or washed out at all, in fact it was darker than the 360 version but didn't have the missing pieces of detail with shadows being way too dark in some cases on the 360. I adjusted the brightness and it looked fine, framerate was fine, lens of truth is a garbage website and always will be.

calibann2489d ago

I hate these articles. They always generate hits no matter what because xbox and ps players are passionate about their consoles. Give me some real gaming news.

OmegaSlayer2489d ago

As some might not have noticed, I didn't mention the 360 version.
I didn't played and don't know how it looks.
I'm only saying that the PS3 pics taken by LOT are misleading.
That's the worst thing of vid comparisons, that rarely I saw the same quality that I see on my TV screen.
That might put someone off with their purchases.
Game journalists today aren't doing a good service neither to gamers nor devs.

djsandman2489d ago

Wow no way.. I played the 360 and the PS3 demo. The PS3 was laggy and grainy. Exactly like that video, I swear you kids are blind.

CoolBeansRus2489d ago

Some of you guys just want to act nice and act like one is not better than the other, that's fine. But those of us who own both system know which one is lacking and is usually slacking in multi-platform games. The PS3 is, sorry i know im going to get a lot of dislike from the fanboys but it's true. If you have both systems download both and see for yourself.

DW742489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Been at it on the Bioware PS3 Technical Support forums. Still no response from them on the situation. I played them side by side on the same TV, and the PS3 version's blacks were gray, and it was choppy as hell in several areas. It was *exactly* like it was shown in the comparison video that's making the rounds.

That's all I got after participating in the BW forums all day. Ugh.

pain777pas2489d ago

The graphics are not earth shattering anyway. The facial animations and details are not best of class at this stage of the game with LA Noire, Arkham and UC3. The game should be good but it felt like Bioware was trying to push an engine to do things that it was not built for. The out door running explosion section was just a tad wonky. Be honest that sort of thing has its place but for the amount of cutscenes in such a small span that are gameplay in some games the game needs to stay in its lane. The RPG lane.

djsandman2489d ago

It's honestly quite irritating that people can't be objective. I have both consoles, I played both, people who just own a PS3 would obviously downplay the difference as there is no way in hell I would pick the choppy PS3 version over the 360.

20 frames a second vs 30 frames, I get 18 disagrees, Grow a brain nerds.

bozebo2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Yeah the differences lie in the video output settings, like 90% of h2h/comparison vids where they forget to change them so they are both the same (or don't on purpose to pretend one looks better).

Not that I can get a guage of performance from this vid, so the ps3 could be choppier from what people are saying (unreal engine game so yeah...). If it looks grey/dull though, then play with your TV and/or PS3 image settings (gamma/brigtness/contrast etc).

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Dlacy13g2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I gotta say, I still question why they released the SP demo. Clearly its from older code. I mean yes, I think it was good to release the MP portion of the demo because many of us were wondering/worried...and on a whole I think that part of the demo was successful. But... the SP portion of the demo seems to have shaken many ME fans confidence as given its older code, it feels really unpolished. Bad textures, lip synch issues and animation issues. Just not really sure the SP demo was needed or having the desired effect they wanted.

BigBoss19642489d ago

I couldn't stop laughing at the running animation

Bosna12489d ago

yeah its pretty bad, you should try aiming at your feet and run.. looks ridiculous.

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