Latest Binary Domain Trailer shows Bleak Future for Humanity

GameSector writes: The devel­op­ment team behind the Yakuza fran­chise has released a new trailer for their forth­com­ing third-person shooter, Binary Domain.

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Dlacy13g2462d ago

After playing the demo... its a bleak future for the game too.

Dlacy13g2462d ago

To each their own my friend. I found the gun play fine but the voice command stuff less than good and more importantly the voice dialogue of the support characters unbearable. I wanted to shoot my team more than the enemy.

zeal0us2462d ago

Think I'll buy it when the price drops later on this year.

Ravens202462d ago

Demo was sick, Story looks awesome.

akiraburn2462d ago

I was thoroughly pleased with the demo for this. I was already a fan of the Yakuza franchise, so I had high hopes for Binary Domain (given it comes from the same developer) and I was definitely left excited with the end result. The demo has also made me decide that for me this is worth a purchase rather than just a rental, however the only issue is that from now until the end of March there's a slew of other great titles also worth a purchase. In addition to this, many gamers (myself included) are also trying to work through a backlog of games. Though I must say I'm completely happy to have the problem of too much to play as opposed to too little.

telekineticmantis2462d ago

for a couple months, this might be the game I get looks pretty good.