Alan Wake Dev Comments On Piracy And Value For Money

"Piracy and pre-owned sales are a hot topic when it comes to the sale of video games as is evidenced by the introduction and ramification of online passes and pre-order content. When we went to talk to Remedy Entertainment about their upcoming PC port of Alan Wake and downloadable Xbox 360 title Alan Wake's American Nightmare, they had a rather interesting thing to say about the situation."

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skyblue142132439d ago

It looks like they are porting it to the pc after all. Since I don't own an xbox 360 I might pick up a copy of alan wake for the pc in the future.

dirthurts2439d ago

Great game. If I had known it was coming to pc I would have waited to play it. May pick it up again anyway.

SKUD2439d ago

Fornax > pirating alan wake.