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IaMs123067d ago

Wow, okay i cannot wait for this game now.

Lets hope the game itself lives up to the hype of the trailer.

Paradicia3067d ago

What's the bet that this will be delayed back until sometime in 2013? :L

young juice3067d ago

and dang son they was bumpin that song

can anyone identify the music?


CommanderSheperd3067d ago

The dubstep music really ruined the trailer, it just doesn't belong here. If they made it more dramatic, this would have been so much better. So annoying hearing that music in everything now.

Autodidactdystopia3066d ago

I disagree the dubstep music intensified the music plus I thought that soundtrack was somewhere in the original resident evil movie.

sounds kinda like this.

I loved it.

dont care what you think. they fukin nailed the music. I know cause i am all knowing. lol

BattleAxe3066d ago

Great music, great trailer, and the E3 trailer/ gameplay footage was awesome too. Day one purchase for me.

Dacapn3066d ago

If you ask me, dubstep should be in more games. It's like modern day 8 bit music.

Drake1173066d ago

No its not, dubstep is absolutely terrible and overused, its not even music. But between this and the gameplay trailer and previous FC games i'm super pumped for this. But get rid of that ridiculous crap playing in the background of all your trailers ubisoft please!

DeadlyFire3066d ago

Its possible I say, but I am a little doubtful. Game is hitting so close to next generation launch its possibly already having a WiiU version in the works. Not sure about other two platforms, but they will likely get a Far Cry 3 port instead of an upgrade. That is typically Ubisoft design to do things that way.

Dacapn3066d ago

Overused? What is this like the 2nd or 3rd game in the history of all games to put dubstep in the trailer? And to say it's not music is just being willingly ignorant. I don't like country, but I'm not going to deny that it's music. There's a place for this music in games. Playing street fighter with glitch mob or bassnectar in the background makes the game even ballsier than it already is.

PS3Freak3066d ago

It's Noisia - Machine Gun (16 bit remix)

Great song, I love dubstep, and I think it fit with the trailer.

Haters can suck it.

young juice3066d ago

@PS3Freak bubs. thanks bro

@Autodidactdystopia yup they hella nailed this trailer. got me pumped

@Drake117 i like how you think you know the definition of expression through music

i know what kinda music you like...

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torchic3067d ago

yea this trailer is just stellar. just raised my expectations for the game a s***load. I want to save the girl!

Wenis3067d ago

Im still looking forward to this game, but one thing I've learned over the years is to not let a pretty CGI trailer get me hyped for a game

Kingdom Come3066d ago

That comment almost cries "Dead Island", I saw the trailer and it looked like the perfect blend of emotion, terror and combat, at the following E3 I saw gameplay and just immediately lost all interest. Quite often, CGI trailers act as a shroud of mystery, they shield the true identity of a game and manipulate the audience into perceiving the game to be something it isn't. Luckily, us true gamers aren't so easily fooled, I mean, some people see mediocre gameplay, THEN see the CGI trailer and think that it changes everything they'd seen prior to it...

cannon88003067d ago

It probably will, but man it's getting really annoying how there's dubstep on every freaking game trailer. Not that i have anything against dubstep but its so annoying when the same style of music is being used for trailers almost all the time.

FunkMacNasty3066d ago

Dubstep is horrible IMO.. that music is nothing but a big fad at the moment thatks to cats like Skrillx... it will be remembered in 20 years in the same corny way Disco is remembered today.

Game trailers need more FUNK music! Who doesn't want to see some bad-ass character blowing up bad guys to the sound of James Brown's "Payback"? :)

bigboss9113066d ago

"that music is nothing but a big fad" sure is uninformed in here. Dubstep and music like it has been around since 1998.

Dacapn3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Man there are literally a handful of games that have used dubstep in their trailer.

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osamaq3067d ago

HD version plz ...
awesome graphics CG or real time ? dunno ...

gedapeleda3066d ago

Uncharted still looks better

Sharky53067d ago

Very nice, agreed tho...lets hope its as good as it looks

spicelicka3066d ago

it looked pretty amazing during the last e3 presentation. They showed that psycotic character Vaas in-game and he looked pretty badass.

DA_SHREDDER3067d ago

Straight up Chloe clone rip off. I would say almost a Drake rip off too if had there been any tresure hunting involved, but anyways, this is gonna be a next gen launch title, no doubt about it.

Kingdom Come3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Do you set out to Troll? (Stupid Question)
I shouldn't particularly be humouring you but for those that don't know the game is confirmed for Xbox 360, PC & PS3.

P.S. If it was Drake and Chloe, they'd know the name of the Island, regardless of it being unmarked on maps.

young juice3067d ago

i wouldnt call it a rip off. but i would be lieing if i said i didnt get a nathan drake vibe from this guy. which is actually a breath of fresh air compared to the war-hardened dummys we been gettin lately

Fishy Fingers3067d ago

Ignoring your 'clone' BS, it releases this sept, so your 'next gen' remark seems unlikely. They're just going to show the PC build.

MsclMexican3067d ago

Ok... Im a huge Uncharted fan... and I am calling you an idiot...

This game may have some character aspects from Uncharted... but I would say that is a good thing... as it distinguishes from the bald macho man character type.

Hell the look that Drake, Booker de Wit (Bioshock Infinite) and Jason Broode from Farcry is the "every man" look

The style they all want to go for

Drake1173066d ago

Bingo! this seems like some every day guy that just likes to party lol, but then for some reason hes partying in hell.

DeadlyFire3066d ago

Well its a nice preview of next generation Graphics for Uncharted 4 then. lol

Either way it does a nice job of presenting the game even with the CGI. CGI builds alot of hype for a game. Its something other developers should go back to showing off I believe.

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Kingdom Come3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

The trailer was decent, however it didn't achieve all of which I had initially hoped for:
(My comment yesterday regarding the upcoming trailer) "Despite initially wanting the trailer to be gameplay, Ubisoft did a great job of establishing the scenario and characteristics surrounding the villains of "Rainbow Six Patriots" with their VGA Trailer and with such an intriguing concept, Far Cry 3 could benefit from a CG Trailer, I hope it at least builds on the characteristics of the main character rather than just the villain, you felt nothing for the protagonist in Far Cry 2."

Whilst the trailer did a great job of highlighting the psychological state of the villain, it painted the protagonist and his girlfriend in a weak light, making them seem weak, both physically and mentally (Before magically the protagonist transforms in to a bad-ass), it also made the scenario seem somewhat like a low budget horror film (Taking a boat trip to an unmarked island? Really?). Finally, the dubstep, for me, was out of place and character for the franchise.

I would have preferred a gameplay trailer but that wasn't the case and whilst I don't consider the trailer to be to an equal quality to those of Rainbow Six Patriots, it was a good effort.

Nevertheless, I'll still be purchasing the game day one. Bring on the Map Editor announcement!

grailly3067d ago

I totaly agree with you

Dacapn3066d ago

Yeah while the dupstep didn't quite fit the trailer, I'd like to see more dupstep in games.