Ubisoft to pull online from older games, which also takes away your DLC

From PC Gamer: "Ubisoft has announced that, effective September 1, it will be decommissioning the online features(opens in new tab) of a selection of older games. I've compiled a list of the PC games affected, their release dates, and what features will be removed.

"Ubisoft states that "Closing the online services for some older games allows us to focus our resources on delivering great experiences for players who are playing newer or more popular titles." I'm certainly sympathetic to that argument—I doubt there's a ton of gamers out there still playing Splinter Cell: Blacklist's online multiplayer. Additionally, the remastered versions of listed games will be retaining online features."

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sourOG158d ago

I’m going to wait to buy the physical compete editions from Ubisoft now. Final patch on disc lol

banger88158d ago

Their physical "complete editions" have the extra content as voucher codes, which likely have an expiry date. And if you buy a used copy're shit outta luck.

sourOG158d ago

Lmao really? The complete editions not the platinum editions or whatever at launch right?

shinoff2183157d ago

Yea thats whack. I was so mad when i bought fallot goty and it had voucher codes for the dlc. After fallout 3 and new vegas which came on disc i was fully expecting a real complete edition with fallout 4. Yes i prefer psychical over digital for this very reason(in reference to ubisoft )

158d ago
Murdability158d ago

Ubisoft keeps making wins. Make the same far cry several years in a row and a still make a profit. Bloated their games with microtransactions to the point that they would make ea envious. Speaking of bloated.. all of the ac games are full of boring content after a bit. Also is anyone else tired of live service? I just want to pay for the dlc with no microtransactions in the game. Less money more content and the developer still has a soul

littletad158d ago

It's nuts that people still buy their games, single-player, as they are indeed bloated with microtransactions and pay-to-gain-experience services. But honestly, the worse offender is that they killed Juno in a comic book. The main villain in the assassin's creed story they had set up for over a decade across more than 5 games was killed with no fanfare or reveal. All Creed games since have been nothing more than adventure games with no impact to overall story. Crazy.

isarai158d ago

Dat digital future sure looks sweet.

moriarty1889158d ago

That digital future is bullocks. Physical always.

awiseman158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Remember when EA put a paper with a leaf in their games to gaslight people to supporting their push for digital releases?

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