New 360 Dashboard Isn’t For Gamers.

Your Xbox has turned into a viable replacement for your set-top box, and that’s precisely Microsoft’s plan. But what about the gamers, we still count, right?

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Rowland3065d ago

too right - it's for kids - looking more & more Wii-like every 'update'. In fact it should now be known as 'downdate'.

Yi-Long3065d ago

... the one we had before the current one was fine. This just sucks, especially when it comes to those pages with gamescontent on marketplace, which now take a lot more scrolling.

Blacktric3065d ago

And the ads... Oh those goddamn ads... EVERYWHERE!

darthv723065d ago

you mean the lower right box of the screen? I just got some top gear stuff from that ad.

Go figure the majority of the ads offer something to those who want to open them up. Its funny how people see things. The ads are there to sell things because that is what the live marketplace is.

The entire dash is a seamless integration of marketable content (games, vids, etc) coupled with your own personal content (games, vids, etc).

Many may not like advertising but there are some pretty neat things you can find if you make the choice to view them.

Biglet3065d ago

Also, It's still fiddly to navigate, especially when I want to play games I've bought but didn't download straight away.

Drekken3065d ago

For the first time, I tried to navigate the dashboard on my cousins 360. It feels cluttered and confusing. Too much fluff and advertisements. How can they have so many ads when people are paying? And don't even get me started on Kinect.

Mikhail3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

They change their target segment. Simple business strategy and quite smart too. They are also going against Apple TV. That's how business go, go to where the money is.

Yi-Long3065d ago

... not as a media-center filled with adverts!

They might go where the money goes, but if MS continues on this path away from being a gamesconsole FIRST, MY money will be going somewhere else!

dcbronco3065d ago

I assume you don't use your PS3 for Blu-ray movies. Or your phone as a camera. Or for music. Or the Internet. It's just for calls right. I swear if Apple adds one more feature to the iPhone I'll go crazy.

This is how technology works. This is what the public has made clear they want through their purchases. A handful of games make up the vast majority of the revenue in the gaming industry.

Take away the Wii, which most consider for kids, Call of Duty, Uncharted, Kinect games, Madden, Battlefield, Skyrim and Uncharted and whats left. Take away the top twenty and you have mostly games that didn't perform that well.

So if you want more games, buy more games. Trust me, it is about the money. If it's there, someone will try to make it.

darthv723065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

maybe this will make a bit of sense. Looking back at the original dash and how it evolved we can see there was a need to increase the number of ads for game related content. Some ads arent game related but the majority however are.

The first dash was more like a mall. Each section isolated from the next. You had a game marketplace, a video marketplace and ...that was pretty much it.

The concept of the dash changed and became what is now simply known as xbox live. You can still call it a dash because it is the user interface but realistically MS wanted to go for a complete integration of the live marketplace and all its content with the user interface.

The result is what we have now but it had been evolving to this point from the prior updates. Everything on the dash is marketable and relevant to the platform from gaming to video to social and other media content. ALL of which used to be in their own little stores (like a mall) but now in a more convenient department store environment.

Meaning that while each still have their own section, you can access content from each section no matter which section you are in. I like how they are blending things so I can be on the main page and see information about new game stuff as well as new video stuff and can go to either right from the main screen.

It used to be you had to look for the new stuff ONLY from within each section. Now....not so much. AND because the dash IS the marketplace as well should explain why we see ads for new map packs or top gear content (such as episodes and free stuff) or other stuff.

People often forget that these adverts are not simply just ads like you see on tv but actually give you stuff in return. Not to mention, they are not intrusive. If it came to be that before you could download a demo you had to view a 15 second spot on recycling (as an example) then we could condemn the dash to the same level as regular broadcasting.

We don't though (thankfully).

_Aarix_3065d ago

Its just a damn ui, this hasent changed games at all. You can still play the same games you could in 2005, now.

deep_fried_bum_cake3065d ago

Well obviously it's not for gamers, the games are for gamers. It's for dashboarders.

hellvaguy3065d ago

Stealth trollers....are still trolls.

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