Sony Ends PlayStation Store Comic Download Service

Andraisang: Sony announced today that it will end PSP's comic download service at the end of September. The "comic" tab will no longer be accessible from the PlayStation Store interface after that time.

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3060d ago
Enigma_20993060d ago

They're canceling WHAT, now? [/sarcasm]

Enigma_20993060d ago

You cared enough to disagree with me, but you didn't care enough to use the download service and keep it relevant enough to prevent it from being canceled.

Jdoki3060d ago

Shame, as it looked like a good service. I never tried it though as I had previously used Comixology on a 4.3" Smartphone, and it just wasn't good.

If it had allowed comics to be viewed on an HDTV through the PS3 I would have signed up.

Maybe it'll come to the Vita, but I still think the screen format is too small to look at comics and really appreciate the artwork.

Luc203060d ago

The way u view the com on psp allows u to see every detal. I recenly bought 3.

darthv723060d ago

well......depending on the type of PSP you had, it could. I understand you meant on the ps3 but the service is for PSP only. I have many of the free comics and can say they are quite good.

Lots of free content available on this service. If you have a psp 2000 series (at least) then you can connect it to a tv (or hdtv) and view the comics on a bigger screen. It isnt the same as using the PS3 but then does work as i describe.

I myself use a GO and spare sixaxis controller to not only view the comics but also play games. That is a feature i was really looking forward to on the Vita but perhaps it may be something in a revision.

TV out on the PSP is good and the ability to sync a controller to the GO was great and when the Vita was first talked about i thought of the evolution of those concepts. Real HD output to a TV AND dual shock controller interaction. It would have been the ultimate portable that could double as a console.

But opted not to have those features. Good call as it may have thwarted their sales of PS3 if people were buying the vita instead and using it as a home console.

Still...a great idea though.

Ghost2503060d ago

Tbh, I dont think anybody will miss this. They could use the money towards something better anyways

GraveLord3060d ago

Why not have manga available digitally? This would be huge in Japan and should also be a hit in the US.

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