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One step forwards, two steps back – in time. MyGaming takes a look at the latest in the Final Fantasy franchise, and long-time Final Fantasy fanboy, Quinton Bronkhorst, comes away feeling like the franchise has finally lost the plot in the most tragically ironic way.

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no_more_heroes2439d ago

Score seems a little harsh, but having almost finished the game, I somewhat agree with the points he made.

Strangely enough, I (almost) completely understand the story (because I've read through EVERYTHING, even the Episode 1 Novella that came with it). The things that seem "left out" or "not clear" seem more like things they're planning episodic content for. I do agree however that it's not the "bst stry EVARRRR".

I do love the battles though (just got my a$$ kicked by Raspatil). I could just run around and fight for hours (I'm weird like that, don't judge me :P)

Knight_Cid2439d ago

2 90 reviews today, a 80, a 85

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