Uncharted 3 Flashback #2 Trailer

DSN: Check out the latest trailer for the Flashback #2 multiplayer map pack being released for Uncharted 3 next week on February 21.

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Christopher2489d ago

After watching the video, the only thing I can think about is how cool it would be to have a multiplayer option to have a deathmatch or similar mode that was all done in slow motion.

BugsBunny2489d ago

Can they not do a Classic Mode DLC, so ND can take all the fans still on U2 and move them over to U3.

Just have the mode excatly like U2 was before the 1.5 update (SA removed aswell would be nice) and include Elimination mode. I bet if they do that they will see how much more people would play of that then U3s standard modes.

U2 is much better then the unbalanced multiplayer in U3, I mean it makes the post 1.5 look decent.

I want to play some classic U2 matches on these upgraded maps.

Ducky2489d ago

If there was a classic mode, then that's all I'd play. Definitely want.

Sizzon2489d ago

Fix your matchmaking Naughty Dog.

BoNeSaW232489d ago

#1 issue. Needed to be fixed yesterday!

telekineticmantis2489d ago

for Village I can't see it? Do we have to pay for this one too, I just bought a map pack.

KingOptimus7772489d ago

OMG take the grenade launchers out