TLR: Late Hit Loving

KJ of TLR writes "With the recent rules developing in the NFL, no one thought that It would trickle down into the video games we love. Well, it did. NFL Blitz a simple arcade title brought simplistic fun. A lot of its entertainment factor, was due to a feature that seemed minor, but actually made the franchise a hit among game players."

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jonniethm2463d ago

late hits are one of those things that surely can make or break a game but when it's done right and well it can be a visually stunning and exciting reason to pick up a title. Of course Mortal Kombat was the ground breaker in my eyes for that sort of thing just because it was so gory and groundbreaking for the time. honestly though the further along that mortal kombat evolved graphically the more exciting doing a late hit move was. I remember my first experience with fight night. I don't know that i understood the control scheme to the fullest when i first played it but i kept on playing just to see those stunning last hit slow downs. The detail involved was insane and i couldn't get enough because it was such a short time i had to experience it which kept me coming back for more.