How to use your Android device as a PS Vita WiFi Hotspot

VGW: Sony’s 3G/WiFi model of the Vita launches on February 15, and arriving with it the temptation to plunk down your cash for an AT&T data plan to stay constantly connected. But if you already have an Android device with a data plan, you can use your existing cell phone carrier’s service to create a free WiFi Hotspot for your shiny new Vita — even if your device doesn’t technically support the feature.

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jbomber2464d ago

Ooh, I bet this will work with my iPhone, too. Gogo hotspot!

killyourfm2464d ago

Yea, $30/month for 3GB of data on your existing plan sure beats an EXTRA $30/month for 3GB just on your Vita :D

thedude442464d ago

and bingo was his name oh

TronEOL2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

And this is why I didn't buy the 3G version. Well, that and the fact that you can't really get the 3G version in Canada yet (as far as I know).

My iPhone 4S Hotspot feature will be more than enough to send and receive scores/PSN msgs/game page & trophy data, etc, on my Wifi model.

Also, my First Edition Vita is in the mail right now. Should be here tomorrow! :D

_Aarix_2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

If your device is jailbroken, then many 3g teethering options are available. MyWi can be bought for $20 (-_- or free with cracked repos) for pdanet is a good free alternative.

Waddy1012464d ago

The best way to do it i've found is to Root your phone and then download an app from the android marketplace called Barnacle WiFi tether. It's really simple to do :).

fluffydelusions2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Most custom ROMS support tethering out of the box sort of speak. No need for an app, just look in settings>network.

Waddy1012464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I don't have a custom ROM, mine is just the rooted version of the OS that came with my Xperia X8 which is why i use that app.

Pixel_Enemy2464d ago

My EVO 4G is running an ICS rom that has it built in. It can't wait to meet it's new friend the Vita tomorrow!

Bathyj2464d ago

I have a Xoom and I dont use 3G. If I get a Vita, (and I'd love to eventually) Wifi will be fine for me.

I love todays phones.

Freshnikes2464d ago

Can't u get the 3G-wifi version and do the same exact thing???? (ps vita launch bundle) danmmit I cant wait!!

Waddy1012464d ago

You can, they're just pointing out that you can pay $50 less and get the wi-fi only version and still have the 3G functionality-ish of the 3G one by tethering it.

Freshnikes2464d ago

It's sounds more like 3G-wifi bashing!!! Or u can spend $50 more and do everything the wifi can do(and more) !!

Waddy1012464d ago

@Freshnikes There is that yes, also the 3G/WiFi version has a GPS chip built in so apps like Near work much better on it.
It's more of an alternative to those who don't want to pay for an extra lot of 3G on top of what they pay for there phone.

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