Remedy discusses Alan Wake 2- Next Xbox, shorter dev cycles and why it won't launch on PlayStation

Eurogamer- Remedy Entertainment has discussed the heavily-rumoured Alan Wake 2, suggesting, if it happens, it won't take as long as the first game to create and won't launch on a PlayStation console.

Is there a team at Remedy working on Alan Wake 2, or at the very least thinking about it?

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NYC_Gamer4503d ago

They aren't allowed to bring Alan Wake to another console because of the contract they signed with MS.

Machioto4503d ago (Edited 4503d ago )

Would that apply if it went through steam.

Just because a few didn't like it doesn't mean others can't enjoy the idea of it possibly coming to the ps3.

Thanks for the info.

NYC_Gamer4503d ago

The game is allowed to release on PC since it's not a console.

ZippyZapper4503d ago ShowReplies(4)
Kran4503d ago

Alan Wake is owned by Remedy. They have said this over and over, and yet nobody still believes them.

Frankfurt4503d ago

Yep. MS itself has said so, not only Remedy. PS3 fans just cover their ears and pretend it's aaaall because MS is evil and it's blocking Remedy (and CDR Project, and Epic and everyone else in the world).

Some people even say the graphics in 85% of multiplats being better on the 360 (look up the comparisons on digital-foundry) is all MS' fault. Delusional PS3 fans.

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Goozex4503d ago

Played this the other day and what a rip off in terms of storyline. This was tAken straight from "secret window" starring Johnny depp. Remedy, WHERE IS THE ORIGINALITY!!

coolbeans4503d ago


That should be aimed towards your trolling.

ZippyZapper4503d ago

matt801 you could not have failed harder. How can you play Alan Wake when all you have is a Playstation?

ShoryukenII4503d ago

How do you know which console he has? *Looks at bubbles* Nevermind.

dalibor4503d ago

He could have played it at his friends/family 360 perhaps because I myself did that before but than again if it's a troll than I doubt this is case lmao. But I myself would have gotten Alan Wake if it were ever released for the Ps3. You got yourself a potential buyer Remedy should circumstances ever come to fruition.

IM_KINECTED4503d ago

People just like to think that every Microsoft exclusive isn't going to stay that way. I think Microsoft needs games like Alan Wake, right now it's an intermediate success, but the possibilities are endless.

I already knew it was staying with Microsoft as a franchise because I saw reports like this a couple of years ago, Microsoft paid to publish 3 full Alan Wake games. It's probably a pretty profitable deal with Remedy, sort of like with Epic Games and Gears Of War, it's more profitable to keep it to the 360 as opposed to taking a risk and putting extra time and money into developing for other console/s.

I cant wait to play American Nightmare, I'm also excited to see what Alan Wake 2 could bring to the table. Something tells me it's coming for the next Xbox, you just get that feeling from the interview.

StrongMan4503d ago (Edited 4503d ago )

"People just like to think that every Microsoft exclusive isn't going to stay that way."

Gee, I wonder why? Bioshock, Dead Rising 2, Mass Effect 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, GTA4 Episodes DLC, Limbo, Castle Crashers, Braid, Alan Wake(PC), Fable 3(PC), Fallout 3 DLC, Saints Row 2 & 3

"I think Microsoft needs games likeAlan Wake,rightnow it's an intermediate success"

Funny, when Sony games only sell 1.5 million it's a flop but when MS games only sell 1.5 million "it's an intermediate success"?

"it's more profitable to keep it to the 360 as opposed to taking a risk and putting extra time and money into developing for other console/s."

Classic. Never heard that one before. You have ZERO proof to back up that spin. No one ever said PS3 exclusives are "more profitable" to keep it on PS3 but Xbox exclusives ARE "more profitable" on Xbox only even when it only sells 1.5 million. You're a great spin artist.


MS don't own Alan Wakw or Gears of War so when MS's 3 game deals are up Remedy and Epic can do whatever they want with Alan Wake and Gears of War. In this article when askes about a PS3 version Remedy said never say never.

IM_KINECTED4503d ago

I sense a lot of anger in you, but Microsoft and most people don't count the PC as a "console". Thus a game going to PC still leaves the games as Xbox exclusive.

I never said 1.5 million is a flop, nor have I said PS3 games are flops. I am not sure why your so angered by what I'm saying, I've read the articles and I know what Remedy has said, they say it pretty clear that Alan Wake isn't going to the PS3, same with Gears Of War.

Dead Rising and Saints Row are different stories because they launched when the Xbox 360 did and there weren't any other competing consoles, so it made sense to publish the sequels on as many as possible.

Here is a little interesting article as to why Alan Wake is on PC, Microsoft pretty much gave permission for them to do so.


“I would like to make it clear that Microsoft funded the production of the first Alan Wake game, and while they were happy for Remedy to now self-publish on PC it is highly unlikely they would want to see the game on a competing console. While we do own the Alan Wake brand, Remedy doesn’t have rights to publish THE Alan Wake on PS3.”

jetlian4503d ago (Edited 4503d ago )

all those other games didnt have a 3 game deal so they were always up in the air. Ninja gaiden sigma bypassed MS deal by adding to the game. the rest were exclusive because ps3 wasnt out yet (major games)

Also if its been this long chances are it wont hit ps3 at this point. Now what they do with it next gen is another story

Neko_Mega4503d ago

I bet you if it sales as bad as the first one, it will most likely come to a Playstation system to make that money back.

Xbox users didn't seem to care about it, they got better things to play like Gears, Halo and COD.

ziggurcat4503d ago

they really should consider putting alan wake 2 on PS3 - i think it would do very well on the playstation.

IM_KINECTED4503d ago

They have a publishing deal with Microsoft. The ball is totally in Microsoft's court. There is as much chance at Alan Wake being put on the PS3 as Gears Of War.

It's not going to happen.

ziggurcat4503d ago

it would be nice, though :(

it's a good thing i have both systems.

Kran4503d ago

Sony obviously didnt think so when they didn't even take any interest at the time.