RoboAwesome's BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND | Review (XBOX 360)

From the outset, BlazBlue has been a pretty awesome newcomer to the fighting scene. Wacky new characters, a balls to the wall soundtrack, and an amusingly incomprehensible story mode befitting the people responsible for Guilty Gear, BlazBlue‘s legendary predecessor. At this point in the series’ lifespan, the mechanics are exactly where they want to be and they work quite well. The game is accessible to anyone, from newcomers and casual players that just want to goof around with small dial-a-combos, to the hardcore fightstick users that can unleash nightmarish combos from sheer muscle memory. BlazBlue is a solid fighter, and certainly worth the shelf space next to the latest Street Fighter and King of Fighters.

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RoboSpiff2438d ago

Punch punch punch. Cccc combo breaker

AronDeppert2437d ago

I wish I was good at fighting games.

Snookies122437d ago

Ugh, this game deserves so much better than a 65 man... It's simply amazing, and Extend has so much freaking content. The story is NOT incomprehensible, it can definitely be understood and once you know what's happening it's really good in fact. It can rival most RPG storylines if you take the time to really try and understand.

Hicken2437d ago

Sounds fair. As a huge BB fan, I hate to see such a low score, but it definitely doesn't seem like it's worth the full price.

I'll be getting it anyway, though. Gotta have more Noel.

Sidology2437d ago

Sounds like a bargain bin buy.

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