GamesRadar: Twisted Metal Review

Mikel Reparaz writes:

"The PlayStation brand is closely tied to a lot of big-name games, but it hasn’t been tied to many of them for quite as long as Twisted Metal. The gritty car-combat series – which stars a bunch of crazies in heavily armed vehicles who massacre each other for a chance at a wish from a dark trickster god – has been with Sony’s consoles since their earliest days. In fact, every PlayStation console except the PS3 was accompanied by one within months of its launch, so it’s kind of a surprise that it took more than five years for the current-gen Twisted Metal to finally arrive.

Still, the time off seems to have done the franchise good. Another blood-caked reboot, the new Twisted Metal packs in lavish production values, a ton of variety, an old-school metal soundtrack and all the explosive high-speed craziness its fans expect. It’s not perfect, but considering how sparse the car-combat genre is right now, it’s pretty fantastic."

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