Destructoid: Twisted Metal Review

Jim Sterling writes:

"Twisted Metal 2 is one of the greatest videogames to ever grace the original PlayStation, and that's an undeniable scientific fact. Though my personal relationship with the series has been a spotty affair, my love for TM2's inimitable blend of sadistic humor and car-on-car violence has carved a bloody hole in my heart, one that's remained gaping for years.

A new Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3 has been a long time coming, and arrives not a moment too soon. However, while it remains at heart a classic example of vehicular battery, its misinformed attempts at modernization cause a little concern.

The latest chapter in the series, from Eat Sleep Play, indicates that some franchises really ought to stick to what they know."

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callahan092441d ago

Didn't the online just get turned on this morning? How can they have played it anywhere near enough to make a judgment yet? If I'm wrong, please correct me: I may have misinterpreted IGN's comments about not releasing a review until the servers go online, or that post may have been older than I realized or something.

suicidalblues2441d ago

Dude, Jim Sterling wrote the review. Do you think he'd actually be informed before writing it?

Jobesy2441d ago

Dude, the knocks are on the single player, not multiplayer. Calm down.

suicidalblues2440d ago

I am calm. Just stating my thought about the reviewer. Sterling has become the Howard Stern of game reviews, what was once outlandish and "cool" has become old and tired. He writes for hits nowadays, nothing more.

Kran2440d ago

People are forgetting LAN.

ReservoirDog3162440d ago

@ Callahan09

Haha, what does that matter? He loved the online.

It's not like he said the online is terrible but he only played it for 3 hours. He loved it. All negatives were aimed at the singleplayer that has a good story but it's just one of those multiplayer focused games with an uneven singleplayer.

He loved the multiplayer.

Tonester9252441d ago

I wonder if everyone is going to review it like Battlefield 3?

Weak story/Good Online though 7/10

Even though the game is truly for online.

NewMonday2441d ago

for MP it great, and even better with split-screen at home and it also uses LAN.

needs word of mouth, because checklist reviews wont do it justice

DA_SHREDDER2441d ago

I like Jim, but this score is bullcrap. This game is the sickest Twisted Metal ever made. Easisly an 8 or above out of 10. Jim, you just lost some respect from me buddy. You're brutally honest, and your taste for games is obviously brutally sucky.

NewMonday2441d ago

it should get separate SP and MP reviews like some did for BF3 and CoD.

the SP is thing lowering the scores.

Kran2440d ago

Question... Have you played it yet?

LoaMcLoa2440d ago

It came out today, so he probably has.

kingdavid2440d ago

Still bit too early for him to judge then Id say.

Mikhail2441d ago

A 7 from Jim Sterling on PS3 exclusives, that's quite high for his standards. So its a good buy to those people buying it solely on reviews.

josephayal2440d ago

Jim Sterling is the man no matter what

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