Sensi pulled from Xbox Live

After an eternal wait for Sensible World of Soccer to arrive on Xbox Live Arcade, it's finally arrived this morning only to be pulled from XBL hours after its release. The problem is all down to a bug in the game that signs you out of Xbox Live and refuses to let you sign back in until you manually returned to the dashboard. You'd think Codies would've had time to test this stuff in its massive dev time, but obviously not.

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Si-Fly4733d ago

I live just down the road from Codemasters, gonna shove a turd through their letter box on the way to work tomorrow morning.

MK_Red4733d ago

What the... don't they test their games before release? If they do then how could this happen?

bumnut4732d ago

i don't care, the game sucks ass any way.

it may have been cool 15 years ago, but like most old games you play now.... its crap