Twisted Metal - Exclusive Launch Trailer

The rebirth of devilish vehicular combat is almost at hand!

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BiggCMan2440d ago

Never forget your first crush, ahhh yes. I remember the old Twisted Metal days. We would share long nights together, argue like any good relationship between a man and his game, but share those memories years later. TWISTED METAL IS BACK BITCHES!!!

lorianguy2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

If only "Europe" were considered as separate countries.

I'm stuck in England waiting for early March because Germany wants censorship. I don't want to import because I know the online pass won't work for my UK account ;(

Ah.. First World Problems..

brianunfried2440d ago

That's a nice surprise, a fourth faction! Preacher was always one of my favorite characters. I don't get too excited about many games anymore, but can't wait to pick this up today!

lorianguy2440d ago

I think he was in the offline portion of the demo too :)

Tonester9252440d ago

Well that seals the deal. Gamestop opens at 10? I'll be there at 10:05!