Twisted Metal - Exclusive Launch Trailer

The rebirth of devilish vehicular combat is almost at hand!

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BiggCMan4544d ago

Never forget your first crush, ahhh yes. I remember the old Twisted Metal days. We would share long nights together, argue like any good relationship between a man and his game, but share those memories years later. TWISTED METAL IS BACK BITCHES!!!

lorianguy4544d ago (Edited 4544d ago )

If only "Europe" were considered as separate countries.

I'm stuck in England waiting for early March because Germany wants censorship. I don't want to import because I know the online pass won't work for my UK account ;(

Ah.. First World Problems..

brianunfried4544d ago

That's a nice surprise, a fourth faction! Preacher was always one of my favorite characters. I don't get too excited about many games anymore, but can't wait to pick this up today!

lorianguy4544d ago

I think he was in the offline portion of the demo too :)

Tonester9254544d ago

Well that seals the deal. Gamestop opens at 10? I'll be there at 10:05!


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crazyCoconuts369d ago

All I ask for is a new Twisted Metal that allows flat screen & PSVR2 cross play that also supports a wheel.
Would be heaven.

Babadook7368d ago

Wow. I like the idea of VR twisted metal with a wheel.

Rebel_Scum368d ago

They need to get the enemy AI balance right. Thats what made 2 the best in the series. Black was abysmal in that dept.

neomahi368d ago

You don't. Do sequels. If you've gotta reboot, might as well do a new IP. God of War is the only game I can say that did a successful reboot

TiredGamer368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Isn’t the new GoW just a sequel technically?

I personally think they can leverage the roots of the series. The original TM in 1995 took place on Christmas Eve 2005, and it was the 10th contest in history. Why not “reboot” the franchise by making a prequel of sorts showing the origin story of the series and maybe linking all the future games in a brilliant way. Seems like such an obvious idea to leverage old with the new (kind of look how Doom 2016 did with its lore).

Knightofelemia367d ago

Just make it a good game Twisted Metal has it's fan base.


PlayStation confirm they are working on Twisted Metal series

The rumours were legit. The Twisted Metal franchise is coming back, Sony
officially announced at CES 2022.

NecrumOddBoy931d ago

I hope this is camp as all hell.

bouzebbal930d ago

They should have made Destruction All star with a Twisted Metal skin as launch title.. With some more content of course.

NecrumOddBoy929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

Rumor mill is that the team used All Stars as a test bed game to make a PS5 Twisted Metal in the future. No idea why they made this though. Total miss and it could hurt them in the end. Twisted Metal is really awesome. I honestly hope they take this series the Forza Horizon route. Maybe a big open world like a destroyed city in an apocalyptic setting. Still can have arenas and races, battles etc, but also add RPG elements and quests, challenges etc.

Dirtnapstor929d ago

Agreed. I am mildly surprised they did not do a Twisted Metal iteration vs DAS. Could have easily reskinned everything, no?

sourOG930d ago

Agreed. I’m playing serious Sam now and I think it’s awful in a great way. I’m enjoying it.

Majin-vegeta931d ago

Looks like the new game is pretty much confirmed now.

Bobertt930d ago

Idk David Jaffe had said he has seen stuff about the TV show but Sony has never told him anything about a new game. I find it hard to believe they would not tell the creator of the franchise they were going to make a new game.

Army_of_Darkness929d ago

Sony owns the franchise and Jaffe is no longer associated with them anymore, so Sony doesn't have to inform him on anything really...

NapalmSanctuary928d ago

...says f2p with Lucid developing. Might wanna keep them expectations low.

isarai931d ago

I hope it follows the gameplay style of hardware rivals, seriously that game was awesome to play

Godmars290930d ago

How about having to race through a destructible city with tons of people to mow down.

burnout with rocket launchers and ability to drive on skyscraper roofs or through office floors.

DarXyde930d ago

That sounds like Carmageddon meets Warhawk.

I'm iffy on reviving Twisted Metal personally. I replayed it on PS3 via PSOne classics because I loved the originals and I must say, these titles haven't aged well. We're now two generations removed from then, which was already 1-2 generations removed from the originals.

There needs to be some serious modernization efforts for these games to do well.