Screen Digest forecasts 3-D boom - HD DVD vs. Blu-ray battle will also be decided

Next year promises to be the year when 3-D pics go through the roof, the format battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray will be decided and Sony's PlayStation 3 will hit back against the successful Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360, according to a report by U.K.-based media research firm Screen Digest.


I have been googling thru the internet about this 3d technology boom and i found some interesting results worthy of an update for this story. This is not exactly new but worthy of notice.
It seems that Mitsubishi is hardly working on making 3d blu ray player that converts 2d movies into 3d on the fly. In addition, it has mentionned that it will integrate this technology with a games machine.

Update 2
I have drawn a website out of the comments below that seems useful i will add it as an alternative source. It seems multiple companies are working on this technology check out this one.

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pschampion4735d ago

yes finally i am going to play my going in 3d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am going get rid of my 40 inch tv when it comes out and ask for 3D goggles as a late christmas present

xboxdread4735d ago

you are silly because that ain't happenin the playstation can't even 2d games without a lag how do you expect it play true 3d games you have a very weird logic

pschampion4735d ago

hey xbot get over it we, the playstation legion, are going to play games in 3d while you poor bastards will have to continue playing the old way and waiting for your xbox 630 to come so you can have this feature and the most likely it will not be included.
ms will say 3d is not important then they will back out after two years of introducing the new xbox like what they did now with hd gaming

TANOD4735d ago

x360 on the other hand burns down even while playing Dead Rising

I am playing UT3 ps3 version and there is no lag as pointed by MS_SPOT.

are u on crack. that x360 is very low powered compared to ps3 and this is why the BEST GAME ON CONSOLE IN TERMS OF GRAPHICS ---is on PS3 and that is UNCHARTED.

BTW is ur X360 still alive

xboxdread4735d ago

i hate to waste all of my comments when the subject is just beginning but here goes:
your masterpiece uncharted as you call it is a very poor game while it has a large world(a choice by the devs) this choice has made its performance very poor in drawing small objects in time so it would be when you are playing in 3d to see the object getting drawn in front of you now that would frustratin wouldn't it
3D is still a far way off

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pschampion4735d ago

this is totally exciting sorry for the double post

wiikcster4735d ago

psfangirls and xbots can both keep dreaming and adulating their while we enjoy true motion sensing now that's exciting

xboxdread4735d ago

hey wiikcster this is not your zone, this is the hi-def war get back to your standard definition mode and wave with your remote

kingboy4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Anyone tried this fantastic gadget yet?
thanks,links are accepted here so no probs

Account deleted4735d ago

thanks kingboy for bringing some credebility to this post but as much as i appreciate it i hope you pay attention because it is not allowed to post links i think
but anyway do you an msrp on this monster

whoelse4735d ago

This will be cool playing a game like Ratchet and Clank in 3D! :)

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