Comparison: PSV Launch and PSP Launch

Trendy Gamers: With the launch of the Playstation Vita First Edition Bundle happening this week, we thought it would be fun to go back in time to see how the Playstation Vita launch compares to the Playstation Portable launch.

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MultiConsoleGamer4509d ago

Some people have criticized the PSP, for various reasons. Over the years it felt like I was fighting a losing battle as a defender of the system. Well to those people I say, the Vita does everything right. It corrects all of the PSP's flaws, and adds some unique brilliance of its own.

It also has the best launch lineup since the Sega Dreamcast.

TrendyGamers4509d ago

I take it that you'll be picking up the First Edition Bundle this week?

bladednuisance4509d ago

I know i will, only 3 days to go

MultiConsoleGamer4509d ago

Yes, paid in full months ago. Getting the early bundle, a number of accessories, and 6 games. (Not including PSN titles)

Knight_Cid4509d ago

why would you back down? The psp was amazing. And honestly I like the psp launch titles more

ape escape
metal gear
twisted metal
Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Remix
Wipeout Pure




Razongunz4509d ago

there are some great titles there for the psp launch, but i'll have to go with the vitas launch games..its to big to list so i'll just list the games i'm getting...

modnation racers road trip
ultimate marvel vs capcom 3
wipeout 2048
dynasty warriors next
blazblue continium shift extend limited edition

and then a few launch games i'm getting as download as soon as i get my vita.

Gravity rush
hustle kings
super startdust delta

and thats about.. 1/3 of the total launch games for the vita..alot of games that suits each individuals taste. :)

TrendyGamers4509d ago

The Vita's launch is better in my opinion. Not only the great retail games but titles such as Escape Plan and Superstardust really take it to the next level.

Arnon4509d ago

Take out ModNation and Dynasty Warriors and I agree. Both of those games have been pretty average franchises in my eyes.

TooTall194509d ago

I think the Vita lineup is the best I've seen.

bladednuisance4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

in order of most to least wanted

Gravity Rush
Stardust Delta
Shinobido 2
WipeOut 2048
Marvel VS Capcom

wow, when an Uncharted game is at the BOTTOM of the list, you know youve got a killer launch lineup!!

TrendyGamers4509d ago

Did the axing of online in Modnation disappoint you as well? As soon as I heard the news, it went from a must have to an, I'll get it when its cheap.

bladednuisance4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

for me, it went from near the top of my list to, "ill get it once online multi is patched in, until then I have absolutely no interest", online multi is a must for me, especially when it comes to racing! a racing game with no online has no value to me, at this point i wouldnt pay $5 for it

they dropped the ball along with online multiplayer, dropped it down a very deep dark shaft, from which recovering may be extremely difficult

TrendyGamers4509d ago

Great explanation! Maybe Little Big Planet Karting will come to the Vita and include online multiplayer?

bahabeast4509d ago

i like what the psp represented but lack of extra analog kinda killed it for me, the vita is everything i eva wanted

Arnon4509d ago

Well... consider the following.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss, while being an Uncharted game on a handheld, is a $54.11 handheld title for a single-player experience...

ModNation Racers I never cared about. I played with it on the PS3 and found it to be a more linear Little Big Planet.

Little Deviants is a tech demo for the PSV.

WipEout 2048 is awesome, but so is the WipEout series.

Marvel vs. Capcom and any other fighting games on a PSV are awesome.

In all honesty, I'm gonna hold off until some role-playing titles come out, a price drop, or something happens, because the launch line-up is not doing it for me. I did fighting games, and I like uncharted, but the price points for the games and system are way too high for what it is at it's current state.

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10 Years Later — 'Uncharted: Golden Abyss' Deserved a Better Fortune

A relic of its time or a buried treasure from the past?

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darthv72853d ago

I was really hoping this would have made it into one of the collections. Like how they did with the GoW PSP games.

VenomUK853d ago

I recall just playing the start on PS Vita but not much more and many Uncharted fans wouldn't have played it either so this 'unknown' chapter could be ripe for an expanded version for PS5.

TiredGamer853d ago

Agreed here. Played it back on the Vita years ago, but never finished. The cramped Vita controls and the tiny analog sticks just didn't gel with me in a game where precise headshots are half the fun. It's the first Uncharted game that I haven't completed/Platinumed, and I think much of it is control related. Really wish it was PS TV compatible (natively).

I would definitely buy it if it were released as a PS4/PS5 version.

YoungKingDoran852d ago

If you ever play it again on Vita definitely turn on the gyro aiming assist, made it alot more fun to play and i ended up getting all the headshot trophies thanks to this- super accurate

TheEnigma313853d ago

I loved this game. It was like an extension of the first one. Why haven't we gotten an HD release yet?

TiredGamer853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

Lack of available dev resources and lack of a lucrative ROI probably. I think Sony has an opportunity to sell it as a separate, standalone HD remaster for like $20. Otherwise, the effort to convert a PS Vita game to the PS4/5 won't be worth their while. Unfortunate, but that's probably the only way it'd make financial sense.

deleted853d ago (Edited 852d ago )

Some of the puzzles/interactivity would have to be completely reworked. I remember having to hold the camera to a bright light. (I remember being annoyed at that part bc I was playing in bed late night while my wife was asleep next to me. Ran to the kitchen at like 3am just to get past it lol)

Also the swipe battles. I absolutely couldn't stand the final boss because the swiping felt so inaccurate and it would constantly misread gestures.

I adored the rest of the game though, and even the story! It couldn't simply just be rereleased, it needs reworking for consoles. (same reason it didn't get PS Vita TV support) The rubbing parts could still work w Dualsense/DS4 though.

I'd gladly welcome it and do hope it happens eventually!

Muigi853d ago

Glad I still have my Oled Vita.

MadLad853d ago

Sony should have tried harder to support the Vita. It ended up just a solid emulation machine that happens to have a handful of classics.

Bigman4k853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

Yeah Sony gave up on the ps vita way too fast

Bigman4k853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

I really like Uncharted:Golden Abyss on ps vita it would be dope if they remaster it for PlayStation 5