New Bulletwitch Screens.

Here are some new Bulletwitch screenshots.

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JIN KAZAMA 1875855d ago

just plain and simple, looks absolutley horrible. Just mindless shooting, horrible graphics, PLEASE, i hope this doesnt make it on the PS3.

BadTaste5855d ago

Okay? you called me a "pitBULL" just recently and look at what you're saying, you are truly a dipshit.

JIN KAZAMA 1875855d ago

this game is HORRID, even if this was on the PS3, I would say its HORRID. Its an absolutley mindless game, with horrible graphics. Not that its a 360 game, but its just a horrible game. I've seen much better games on the 360, this game is probably using about 30% of what the 360 can acheive.

Donkey Slayer5855d ago

I liked all the destruction involved, impressive.

Ravenator5295855d ago

Or whatever that thing is.

I have seen the video for this already and it looks like a fine load of [email protected]!

i own u5855d ago

one of the worst 360 games i've seen. 'nuff said

silent ninja5855d ago

the game looks better in motion and has one the best physics currently

any way the dev team making this game are using this game as test for their next project "cry on" i believe

JIN KAZAMA 1875855d ago

thats the funniest thing I ahve ever heard. making a "test game". That is tooo dman funny!!!

kmis875855d ago

I thought cry on was being developed by mistwalker? Are they collaborating or something?

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