New Releases for the Week of February 12th-18th, 2012

While the majority of aspiring Vita purchasers will likely be waiting until the system’s official launch date of February 22nd to pick up the portable, those committing to the First Edition Bundle are in luck this week. Agreeing to purchase the Wi-Fi+3G model, along with a 4GB memory card and Little Deviants allows access to the system one week early. So that the entire seven days aren’t filled with AR mini-games, Sony has opened the floodgates, releasing its launch titles to stores and via download.

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CharmingMan4513d ago

No Vita, but I will be getting Twisted this week.

RaptorMan4513d ago

I heard you can already buy Twisted Metal at some stores. Sweet (tooth)!

madmad4513d ago

So are all the Vita launch games coming out this week?

deserteaglexix4513d ago

No there's a few that will come out over the next two weeks.

sharpsword4513d ago

For $349, they need to throw in a bigger memory card.

mediastudies4513d ago

Sure, I'd like to get Twisted Metal but hearing the crap that comes out of Jaffe's mouth (Buy this games get a BJ) makes me not want to support this d-bag.

ninjaman9994513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

So Jaffe, being the typical awesome dude game developer with balls to say whatever he wants kinda guy, makes you not want to buy his masterpiece? If you think he's a doushebag then you haven't been outside much -_-
PS:He was making a joke, you know, considering he's chill and all, and after that, he had a discussion with one of the female journalists (Or so she claims to be) who took offense to his comment and he apologized. Keep up buddy

mediastudies4513d ago

If the guy doesn't have enough sense to not discuss part of his audience (yes, girls play TM) what makes you think has enough brains to make a good game?

Well, Calling All Cars showed that he has a hard time doing that.

portal_24513d ago

Douchbag? *Looks at cliffy b*


Twisted Metal Retro Review – Nothing Short Of Iconic

Everyone knows Twisted Metal... I mean literally everyone! Whether it is simply a childhood classic for you, or one of the worst, mind-corrupting disgraces to entertainment you can think of, you've at least heard of this iconic title.

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Seven Ways To Reboot The Twisted Metal Games

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crazyCoconuts334d ago

All I ask for is a new Twisted Metal that allows flat screen & PSVR2 cross play that also supports a wheel.
Would be heaven.

Babadook7333d ago

Wow. I like the idea of VR twisted metal with a wheel.

Rebel_Scum333d ago

They need to get the enemy AI balance right. Thats what made 2 the best in the series. Black was abysmal in that dept.

neomahi333d ago

You don't. Do sequels. If you've gotta reboot, might as well do a new IP. God of War is the only game I can say that did a successful reboot

TiredGamer333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Isn’t the new GoW just a sequel technically?

I personally think they can leverage the roots of the series. The original TM in 1995 took place on Christmas Eve 2005, and it was the 10th contest in history. Why not “reboot” the franchise by making a prequel of sorts showing the origin story of the series and maybe linking all the future games in a brilliant way. Seems like such an obvious idea to leverage old with the new (kind of look how Doom 2016 did with its lore).

Knightofelemia332d ago

Just make it a good game Twisted Metal has it's fan base.


Mod Brings Batsu Ichimonji And Bishop To Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3

Batsu Ichimonji and Bishop from the X-Men are joining the fight in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 through a recently created mod for the game.

SinisterMister700d ago

The PC modding community is a gift that keeps on giving.