Uncharted: Drake’s Journal by Nolan North (Book Review) [NoSleepGamer]

NoSleepGamer writes: Fans of Uncharted, or gaming in general should snap this up for an intriguing, detailed look into one of this generation’s trailblazing studios from the hardest working voice actor out there. Hell, a few developers should probably pick it up too if they want to stand a chance on closing the gap.

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Squall50052444d ago

The book is great. Mine is signed by Nolan North himself :)

BX812444d ago

Would like one signed by Nathan Drake and Sully. I traded in UN3 because as usual the campaign was awesome but I thought the MP was lame. I just picked it back up yesterday. I purchased the Season pass and was suprised at the ammount of DLC I had to download. Good to see so much support for the game. I also saw they made some tweeks that I thought were much needed. Plus I figured if I stomach MW3 just to play with my friends why the hell not give UN3 another try?