Nolan North Talks About Uncharted: Drake's Journal, Motion Capture, And Secret Behind The Scenes

TPG: Machinima sits down with famous video game voice actor, Nolan North, as they interview him about his recently released book “Uncharted: Drake’s Journal”

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colonel1792622d ago

I'm more interested to know about the decision process in turning Elena and Chloe into cameos instead of main characters as they should have been.

Redempteur2622d ago

to focus the story about drake and sully ?

ironfist922622d ago

Yeah. First half was Chloe dominated, then second half Elena. Heck, Elena wasnt even in a good few last hour of the game either. And what happened to Chloe and Cutter in the end?

Great game, but it seemed as though they wanted to develop Drake and Sully a heck of a lot more this time, but by sacrifising Chloe and Elena