Opinion: Why Street Fighter IV Could Fix Fighting Games

Could Street Fighter IV be the game that moves martial-arts fighting games out of their niche and back into the mainstream? It's a tall order, but not impossible: Why should games featuring two guys beating each other up be such a specialized, unappealing genre? Something's got to give, and the SFIV team want to be the ones to do it.

Fighting games are an often-used example of how the most mainstream, biggest-selling content can be reduced in a few years to a tiny niche market by becoming more and more complicated, so complicated that the average user can no longer derive the same kind of enjoyment from them.

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peksi4734d ago

I say what I've been saying many times. I don't want to see just sparkles flying as the kick goes thru the opponent, I don't wanna do just shadow kickboxing with points. Please make a fighting game with a physical modelling: when fist hits body, the fist stops and causes damage. When kick goes hard on your head your neck snaps.

They've done breakable environments, why not breakable fighters?

..even more ridicilous are those fighting games where you slash your sword thru the opponent 10 times with no fatal damage. The opponent should be in 10 pieces by then :)

ChickeyCantor4734d ago

you do realize that this realism what you are talking about might take out the joy of FUN gaming in fighting games?.
if a sword would slice my enemy in 2 and causes fatale death then i don't think it will be fun.
i don't even think i want to play it again.

Fighting games like street fighter was always about making combo's ( with buttons!) ifthey make it to realistic i cant even see the fun in that.
a spinning-fire kick from chung-li or Ryu's chopter-kick, would be impossible because she/he would hit the ground instantly when her/his foot hits the opponents face.

i cant even imagine how boring Soulcaliber would be if the weapons sliced a character in 2 for fatal death.

peksi4734d ago

Point taken. Supposively the difference would be like any other genres' simulations and arcade version.

But in the case of sould calibur kind of game surely the opponent should have a capable means for blocking incoming attacks, piercing / slicing would occur only when caught off guard. You could have a slaughter game with a giant sword and an opponent with bare fists but then the scoring would be in the form of body count ;)

kamakazi4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

you guys mean like this game here, where you can get your limbs chopped off and still win

edit: lol i had to add this too LOL

damn LOL:

as long as street fighter doesnt turn out like these games i thikn we will all be happy

Genki4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

My goodness, that game was crack, and the very reason was because it's not lifebar or damage sponge based. You can die in one cut, roll around, become disabled, and all sorts of things.

It was tense in a similar way to rock paper scissors, or that samurai mini game from Kirby Superstar. :P

I don't think that would work for all games, but I'm just showing that it has and certainly can.

As far as caluclated hit detection and reaction, FNR3 is to this day the only fighting game with an accurate representation of such, and it's a breath of fresh air.

The thing a lot of people fail to see is that games can be highly stylized, just with REASONABLE hit detection, no sliding, less clipping, and none of this hit interruptiong, frame-based crap.

Imagine a fast paced, combo heavy fighter with these features and was similar in style to the Matrix. That would be awesome.

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v1c1ous4734d ago

fighting games started losing selling abilities when we moved from doing a simple quarter circle motion to 20 button combo combinations for %15 damage.

it's pretty to look at, but the average joe won't spend the week it takes to master it and make it useable in a match.

allforcalisto4734d ago

if you want realism you shouldnt really be playing many many videogames.

I s'pose you could make an impressive realistic fighting game but then so what? do you really think it'd be fun? seriously think about it.

i know i'd rather take a next-gen rival schools and soul calibur over those anyday.

i think it's one of those things where it'd probably be a lot more fun in real life knocking someone the F8ck out than doing it in a videogame.

mighty_douche4734d ago

it could completely f**k over Street Fighter as we know it.

WilliamRLBaker4734d ago

Capcom has never been able to make a good 3d fighter, specially in the Street fighter universe and not only that most 3d fighters are vastly inferior to their 2d yeah i think they are making a mistake making this 3d....Id much rather have high res 2d enviorments and 2d characters.

man0fsteel4734d ago

dude its going to play exactly like a 2d fighter...just in 3d. Capcom is already doing an HD 2d street fighter... Street fighter 2 HD remix... thats the furtherest you can go..

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