Saint's Row 2 gets transsexual

New details have piled in on THQ sequel to Saint's Row, which is heading to Xbox 360 and PS3 next year.

According to the latest mag previews, Saint's Row 2 is set to feature a city 45 percent larger than the Xbox 360 original, with new vehicles including motorbikes, jet-skis and speedboats. So far, so GTA.

What's new though is the introduction of aircraft such as planes and helicopters, which excitingly you can smash right through buildings. You can't destroy buildings entirely (CVG don't thinks the US censors would be happy with that), but smashing through windows should open up plenty of gameplay opportunities.

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InMyOpinion4733d ago

Excellent! Trannies and aircraft rock!

GunShotEddy4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

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Twizlex4733d ago

I'm just curious: what's the wrong info?

razer4733d ago

Sorry but releasing SR2 in the same year as GTA is crazy imo.. Even though I enjoyed the original I got a feeling this one is going to bomb. Should of got it out this year or waited till 09, the comparisons to GTA are just too strong.

fresco4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

People buy multiple shooters (cod4, orange box, halo, etc) dont see why they can't buy multiple sandbox games.

games are being purchased now more than ever (in the states at least)

CO-OP's a big deal if GTA isn't offering it. I had a blast playing coop in crackdown.

Spydiggity4733d ago

I agree. I have actually started playing the first Saints Row again and i keep thinking to myself, this would be such a great game if only it were co op.

This is very good news and probably SR2's saving grace. new vehicles and larger environments is exactly what GTA did and that did expand its fanbase, but it didn't offer co op from beginning to end. No way SR2's graphics are going to compete with GTA and certainly it won't be as popular, but people are becoming more and more interested in playing their games WITH other people.

Now, if they could just make Resident Evil Co-Op i'd be the happiest man on earth.

BLuKhaos4733d ago

Oh man A resident evil game with co-op,now that would be like second coming of Christ in the video gaming world if implemented right.

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